Swimming Pool Safety Tips for the Upcoming Swim Season

swimming pool safetySafety Tips for The Upcoming Use of the Swimming Pool

If you are like millions of people across the globe, who enjoy taking a cool dip in the local pool once in awhile, or even in your own, if you are lucky enough to afford one, there are many precautions you should take and a number of rules that must be established before anyone even enters the water. Now obviously if it is a local community pool, the staff should be responsible for making sure everyone adheres to the rules that must be enforced to ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

When kids are in the pool, it is always advisable that there is an adult close by at all times to keep an eye on what is going on in the water. Accidents can happen very quickly, and even experienced swimmers can run into difficulties that may impede their swimming abilities. A severe cramp, for example, can happen to anybody, at anytime, and this can turn into a really dangerous situation if it is not dealt with immediately.  If there are young kids, and especially infants in the water, then there should be a capable adult in the water within arms length to them at all times. It is sadly estimated that over 200 young children alone suffer an accident in a pool or hot tub that resulted in their tragic deaths every year, and this is why the American Red Cross has put together some guidelines that may help in making your swim spa environment safe for all those that want to enter the water.

You always want to make sure that there is adequate barriers around the pool or hot tub, so there is no chance someone could accidentally fall into the water. This means the barriers should be around 4 feet or higher, and there should be a self-closing and self latching gate, so again there is no chance of someone getting into the area of the water by mistake. Always keep the pool or hot tub covered when not in use, and some individuals actually have installed an alarm that lets them know when anyone enters the water at any time, which is quite comforting to them.

Learning how to swim is a necessity if people want to use a pool, and there are online sites through the Red Cross that can help you with teaching your children how to swim, as well as teaching them basic skills of first aid, such as CPR for example. These sites also provide you with a checklist of how you can work to prevent any type of tragedy around the water area.

Rules like having all types of toys away from the pool when not in use, and if you are using a blow up pool, always make sure it is emptied after you are done using it. Obviously keep all electronic devices away from the water at all times, and this means any type of music device, like a ghetto blaster for example. Never allow people to dive if the water is not deep enough, and always enforce the rule of no running anywhere near the deck of the pool.

Keep your water always at the proper PH level and make sure the water is kept clean at all times with the proper amount of chemicals, making sure never to overdo it, as this is just as bad as not doing it at all. If you have questions, there are many sites online, including the Red Cross that can help you out with all your needs when it comes to providing a safe and enjoyable swim spa experience for you and your entire family.

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