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Most people are very conscientious about their home security when they are going to be leaving the house for a period of time. Where this changes is when homeowners are at home and they let their guard down. For awhile this was paid more attention to because of the news coverage about home invasions. But after a short period of time, many went back to their old way of thinking of “it could never happen to them.”

It is just as important to be alert about your home security when you are on the premises . Thieves have become more brazen and knowledgeable about performing break-ins even when someone is in the house. Ironically many people will tend to lock their doors and windows at night but don’t follow the same practice during the daylight hours. Yet, some brash thieves will look for the golden opportunity to go about their work even during this time.

A good example of this is when the warm weather hits. Lots of people are out in their backyards doing a clean up, or maybe having that first barbecue of the year. The front door or windows are left open thinking that nobody would enter with people being around. Thieves are particularly good at getting in and out of home faster than what many would believe.

The proper protection would be to make sure the front of the home is locked when everyone is going to be in the back.

When the warm weather first begins everyone wants to open their doors and windows. The nights are warmer and it is most enjoyable to be able to sleep with the windows open. It is also the same time when people forget about their security and don’t take the proper safety precautions.

Aside from the standard security systems that are great for the protection they offer, there are so many additional security products that can be taken advantage of to really enhance the security.  A prime example of this is the Doorjammer offered by Pre-Lock.

One of the best ways of really making sure that you have the best security measures in place that are possible is to either do a self home assessment to determine if there are any areas that you feel vulnerable. Or, speak to the security specialists at Pre-Lock and have them do a security assessment for you. Then you will know for sure what needs to be beefed up for your home security needs.

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