The Ever Changing Technology of Home Security

home security and technologyIn just about every facet of everyday life technology is changing faster than we ever expected and this includes that which is used for our home security.

If you asked someone in the Eighties, or even Nineties if we would see the vast majority of the technologically advanced home security options we see today and people would have literally thought you were living in a science fiction fantasy land.

Unless you were one of the techies who was involved in the research and production of these tech marvels then you would have thought that it sounded much like the old “Jetsons” cartoon where people were living in space houses and driving flying cars to and from work.

But the reality is that many of the things we would have considered fantasy have not only been perfected but are now on the market today.

From Smart Door locks that operate via wireless connection that can not only tell you if the door is locked or unlocked but also be opened remotely if you have a guest pop by who does not have a key or if you need to let a contractor in when you are away from the residence to remote monitoring that allows the user to truly “keep an eye on” their property and belongings when they are away with cameras that can be monitored remotely wherever there is an internet connection.

Technology even allows you to completely automate the functions in your home that traditionally someone would have had to be home to perform which can add to your security by making would be thieves think that the residence is occupied.

You can remotely turn on lights in different rooms at different times and even turn on the television or stereo at certain intervals to make the house seem lived in plus you can control the thermostat to control the heating and cooling of your home so that when you are not there you can turn the systems down and save money and when on the way home set them to a comfortable level for when you arrive.

Even technology that was once the domain of the very rich or the large corporate entities such as home security locks with built in fingerprint scanners are soon to be available to anyone no matter what their socioeconomic background or income level.

Biometrics will very soon in the future be one of the most popular ways to secure not only our computers and work places but also our home and quite possibly even our automobiles and other personal belongings.

We have harnessed technology to the degree that just about everything that we once considered the area of the Sci-Fi reader or author is now becoming a reality.

It makes one wonder what the next fifty years will bring us!

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