The Worry About Toronto Night Time Break Ins

house break insNobody wants to have their house broken into, but it can be really scary if this where to happen when you are at home. There is no doubt that the crooks of today are becoming far more aggressive and brazen. What has been happening in Toronto’s North end is a testimony of this.

It seems as though there has been a rash of break-ins that are taking place through the night while the occupants are sleeping. This is pretty terrifying and has many residents in that area concerned.

It has been noted that the homes that have been targeted are those that back onto vacant property that has a lot of bush coverage to it. This provides an easy camouflage for the crooks to approach the back of the house unnoticed, as well as gives them an easy escape route.

For those in a situation like this there are a few things that they may want to consider. The first most important step is to make sure that a good quality alarm system is installed in the home. Then just as importantly is turning the home alarm system on at night. It often becomes a habit to ignore setting the alarm at night and only using it when the house is empty.

Make sure the security system you are using is one that has been provided by a professional like the security experts at Pre-lock. You want to make sure that there are security sensors that are going to trigger the alarm on every potential point of entry. It goes without saying that you should double check that all the doors and windows are locked too.

You may want to consider installing some external lighting especially for the back area if your home backs out onto a wooded or secluded area. Motion lighting may act as a deterrent for crooks that are relying on this type of cover. Then it many not hurt to have a security camera installed. The thieves may think twice if they know they are going to be caught on camera.

A dog is always a good deterrent, but if you are not into owning a family pet, then consider one of the electronic dog’s like Rex the electronic barking dog. Another added measure is to install the fake TV. This way you will always have crooks second guessing whether you are up watching TV or not.

Although these crooks are brazen at breaking in when there are occupants in the home, it seems as though they are waiting until everyone retires for the night, so they are not keen on any confrontations.

Finally make sure that you have a phone beside your bed. If you hear someone breaking in place the call to 911 immediately and avoid a confrontation with the crooks.

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