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Christmas outdoor decorating safetyIt is that time again where the festive season is upon us. This means that it is time to start the decorating and this often means putting up some outdoor decor. While this is fun some extra safety and security precautions needs to be taken.

As a rule there is some outdoor decorating where some height is involved. Hopefully when you are doing this there is no snow as yet to deal with. To be on the safe side you really should take advantage of those last few days before we get hit with a storm. This way it is not quite as cold and you are not going to be rushed. When you are in a hurry then more likely accidents could happen.

It is also a good idea to have someone assist you with some of the decorating that requires you to climb. If it means that you have to go on the roof then use the same precautions as you would when you do this at any other time. Make sure you use a safety line. Also use the proper procedures for using a ladder. Make sure it is is good shape and well grounded. Have somebody hold the ladder in place while your work. Also, move the ladder as necessary without having to stretch.

Before you even get to this point check all the lights on ground level before going ahead with mounting them. It is a lot easier to change bulbs as necessary on ground level than it is on the roof. While you are checking them, ensure that they are safe for outdoor lighting. Check the cords to make sure they are well protected and they are not fraying. Outdoor lights that are in poor condition pose a risk of an electrical fire.

You may want to put your lights on a timer for a few reasons. One because it will save you the hassle of turning them on every night and a second reason is for security purposes. Would be thieves may watch your Christmas lighting to determine if you are home or away. Even if you are away over the holidays it is still a good idea to ensure that your lights come on.

Christmas decor can be expensive, and it is not beyond thieves to steal these items. Make sure they are well anchored so you at least create a problem for the thief who has an eye on them.

Do not use Christmas decorations in such a way as they would provide handy cover for a break in artist. Decorating for the festive season truly is fun and worth the work, but you don’t want to put the security of your home at risk.

If you have any security needs that need attending to be sure to contact the experts at Pre-lock. They would be happy to keep your home safe and secure this festive season.

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