Is It Time for a New Security Company?

update securityQuite often when you start out with a service provider initially you are happy with the results. As time progresses though you just may find that the services are not being kept up with or are out of date. This can often transpire with a security provider that provides both security services and products.

It is worth every once in a while reviewing what your present security company is offering you by way of services and doing a comparison as to what other similar security businesses are offering, and checking out the current products and services to see if there is something that may be more effective for you both in protection and cost.

If you do decide to switch companies there are several questions that you need answers to from the newly proposed company.

The first question is to yourself however. Are you thinking of making the change because of what you discovered by doing our suggested review? Or has someone come along and offer you a better deal?

If the answer is the latter then be very careful here before jumping to this new provider. If the system you are using is very comparable to the one being offered then how is this company able to offer a better price? You want to first check out the credentials of this new company. You do not want to be entering into a contract regarding such a serious topic as your home security with a company that has no credibility.

Once you have gathered all of the facts about this new Company, it is time to make a call to your current provider. Be up front with them and tell them why you are considering changing. Either they can offer you something comparable or give you valid reasons as to why you should not switch from them. If they have derogatory comments about the company you have revealed that you are considering, be sure to research the validity of these comments.

If you have not as yet chosen a security company, or are thinking of switching then you may want to check out the Pre-lock location showroom so you can see first hand what this particular security company has to offer you. At the same time you will find quality experienced security experts on hand to offer the many questions that you should be raising concerning what you expect from a security company that you are going to be placing the protection of your family, home and assets into.

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Paul Seidman is a Toronto security expert providing security services since 1978. Trained as locksmith & alarm security professional Seidman understands how to keep you safe and sound.
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