Toronto Easter Weekend Security Reminders

Easter securityWe are soon about to enjoy another long weekend, which is Easter and while there may be a lot of plans that you have made to celebrate this time of year don’t forget to be a little more security conscious than perhaps you normally would be.

While we take the time to enjoy friends and family during any holiday it is also the time that thieves like to take advantage of perhaps some additional opportunities to go about their nasty work.

Some families like to go away for the entire weekend as Easter usually allows for extended time off on the Friday and the Monday. Crooks know that a house may be empty and they look for signs for this. They could be watching to see if you are packing the vehicle on Thursday night or Friday morning. You can eliminate the chance of giving this clue that you are going to be away by packing the car up in your closed garage.

Don’t forget to set your security alarms, and you may want to put a few lights on a timer so they come on in the evening. These at least will get the “would be” thief wondering if there could actually be someone at home. One nifty and inexpensive security item is the “Fake Tv” offered at Pre-lock. This can be set to simulate the TV being on and can act as a real deterrent for the unwanted visitors to your home.

Even if you are not going away for the weekend, there is a chance that the entire family will want to go to Church on Sunday to celebrate their Easter religion. Many families will follow this up by going to brunch afterwards. This means that there are several hours available for the thief to determine if he wants to enter your home. If you think this is not enough time keep in mind that recently some Toronto thieves were targeting homes where people had to be away for a few hours to tend to a funeral. They were gathering this information from the death notices in the paper.

Just remember to be particularly cautious about ensuring that all of your security measures are in place, and perhaps take a few extra steps to ensure your home and business if applicable is a little more secure. Now is a good time to do a good security review to see if perhaps you are vulnerable when it comes to the protection of your home and business and plan to take steps to correct this.

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