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bump lock protectionAny homeowner that is reviewing their home security situation will automatically make the locks their first concern. This is a good first step but as a Toronto Locksmith and Toronto home security expert I can tell you that there is a lot of issues that you need to think about when it comes to home locks, and lock bumping is one of them.

Just when you thought that if you headed off to your local hardware store and purchased some good locks that you door security problems would be solved. If it were that easy then we would have a lot less Toronto home break-ins and unfortunately that is not the case.

Perhaps you heard about lock bumping but that was a few years back when there was a bit of a news frenzy about it, but surely that must be old news and that doesn’t take place anymore right? It is easy to assume that because Toronto home owners have caught on to this break in tactic criminals have had to move onto newer methods. Unfortunately many people when they see a warning come to public attention such as lock bumping many think that its something that won’t happen to them, or they take heed but put off taking any positive steps to beef up their home lock security for the future and never get around to it.

So as a Toronto Locksmith and as an expert that is consistently promoting the need for astute home security I believe it’s a good time for a lock bumping refresher as a reminder that crime never changes.

What is Lock Bumping?

Just in case you never had the opportunity to see the media coverage on what lock bumping is, here is a video that will give you the basics of what this security invasion is about.



 Lock Bumping Prevention

Now that you have an idea about lock bumping, you are ready to ensure that this isn’t going to happen to you, but what security measures are you going to take? You may have recently updated your locks or upon a review of your locks you feel that they look really good and they seem to still be up to date and modern looking. You could be experiencing a false sense of security here. Just because those locks look new and heavy duty on the outside, doesn’t mean that they are on the inside.

Bump Keys

If you are not using anti-bump locks then any thief that isn’t all that lazy can easily make a bump key,however if this particular home invader is too busy breaking into homes then he or she can easily buy a set of bump keys for just a few dollars. Just in case  you are thinking that surely someone would notice a thief with a hammer hitting the lock on your front door, don’t count on it. Thieves perfect their break in techniques and they will soon gain the expertise of using their bump keys to gain entrance into your home within just a few seconds.

Staying on Top of your Security with a Toronto Home Security Expert

It really can be frustrating when you are conscientious about your security. A good example, is the investment that you may have already made in your locks, now to only discover that they may not be all that safe. It is almost as if the potential threat of would be thieves are always one step ahead of you. So what is the lock bump solution?

The solution is to put your home security in the hands of the expert. You need to rely on a professional who makes it his business to know how to thwart the efforts of thieves not only for now but in the future. A reputable Toronto Locksmith and security expert is constantly looking at what will be the next efforts of a burglar when it comes to security prevention that is in the now. If you want to save yourself time and money and have the peace of mind that you have gone a step beyond the average home security measures that are available at your local department stores, then you need to bring a Toronto locksmith and security expert on board.

Here at Pre-Lock we only offer security products that we know are going to create nothing but grief for home break-in artists. It could be that you have good locks on your doors now and all that will need doing is replacing the cylinders with bump resistant ones. The only way we can advise you as to what is best for your security needs is to talk to us. Fill in the form on the right here for a FREE consultation, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by this one simple step.



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