Toronto Locksmith Says Watch Your Timing

time lines for securityMost of us take great pride in our vigilance when it comes to our safety and security around the home. We strive to remember to lock our doors when we are leaving and if we are going to be away on vacation we take steps to have someone keep an eye on our home.  In today’s world though we have to go beyond that and be even more alert. Any reputable Toronto Locksmith will be the first to tell you that the burglars of today have become masters at picking the prime time to go about their work.

We really are creatures of habit. We are forced into daily routines and any thief only needs to watch our patterns for a few days to soon put a good plan together, as when would be the prime time to break into our homes. In fact, those burglars that have a proven track record of success will tell you themselves that they always watch a ripe neighborhood for a few days prior to going into action.

Toronto locksmiths regularly receive calls to change locks following a break-in. If you were to look at their time schedule it would be the most accurate for telling you the most likely times that break-ins occur, just based on the timing regarding their demand for services.

What you need to do is take a quick look at what your routine is and determine if you are setting yourself up as a target. For example, is the house left empty at the same time each morning? Does everyone go off to a hockey practice at the same time each Saturday? Is Thursday night’s the night the family goes out for pizza? It is little patterns like this that thieves keep a watch out for.

That doesn’t mean that you have to alter your lifestyle just because there is a possibility you are going to become a victim of crime. You should be able to live your life the way you want and not be dictated to by criminals. All it means is to be alert. Observe who is hanging around your neighborhood when you are leaving. If you see the same meter reader on your street three days in a row then this should send up a red flag. You could call the meter company and ask if they have had someone working your street for three days this week.

If you see a car with someone sitting in it on more than one occasion, again be a little wary. Try to get the licence plate number without looking obvious. Never approach the vehicle, and if you feel that this is a little strange then don’t hesitate to call the Police. They will check it out if they think something may be remiss, and you can give them the licence plate number that you retrieved.

Make sure that you take extra care to see that the house is secure during those times that you have a routine for leaving home. When you are following the same pattern it’s easy to forget to lock the back door or  leave a window open.

For some extra tips you could call a Toronto Locksmith who also specializes in security and they will be more than happy to advise you as to what security measures are available to you.


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