Toronto Security and Our Teens

teen securityWhile we are still in the midst of summer, many young people are eagerly anticipating moving out of their homes and heading off to University. For many it will be their first time on their own. Some may be planning their lodging at dorms, while others are setting the wheels in motion to find an apartment close to their school.

No matter which the case may be there should be some consideration given to their security. The Toronto security experts at Pre-lock encourage both the parents and the young people to give some thought and planning to their security protection for the upcoming school year.

Security has to be thought of by way of protection against intruders as well as personal safety against fire and smoke. For residential safety against intruders it means making sure that the doors and windows have good locking systems installed. Many times students take up renting apartments that have been specifically designated for students. It is quite possible that the locks are not changed from one student tenant to the next. It would be prudent to discuss this with the owner of the premises. If they are reluctant to change the locks then you may want to take this responsibility on as a student, with the landlord’s permission. Most likely they will agree to this provided you give them a copy of the key.

It doesn’t have to be a big expense, but if you are going to go to the trouble of doing this its worth taking the time to check out what the security professionals in Toronto recommend. The Toronto locksmiths at Pre-lock will be happy to offer their advice. In fact you will find that they have a good selection of quality locks to choose from.

The next area of concern is the windows. Here you won’t have a problem securing these if you implement some of the products and services that are available on the market for security.

A good smoke and fire alarm is a must. Quite often there are multiple tenants in a student rental building and protection against smoke and fire is imperative.

For parents it can be a stressful time when the kids are leaving home to attend school. By having a good chat with them about safety issues it will certainly make both you and the kids feel a whole lot better. The kids don’t usually give too much thought to their personal residential security because they are so used to leaving it up to the parents. While heading off to University is a whole new adventure, so is taking on the responsibility of keeping oneself safe.

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