Do Toronto Women Have Enough Home Security?

security for womenThisĀ  past Sunday was international women’s day, and as usual it put the spotlight on many of the challenges that women are faced with. Safety and security is always part of this and there is always more that can be done to enhance the safety of women in general. They are often seen as being vulnerable simply because of sheer strength that is needed to ward off an attacker.

It is not just a select group of women, like those who are fortunate enough to live in high caliber neighborhoods where extensive security systems are utilized, that should be the only ones that can feel safe. Every woman has the right to feel safe especially in her home, no matter where it is or how poor the neighborhood is.

One of the big factors that can affect women in low income neighborhoods is their need to rely on income housing that doesn’t always provide the best in security protection. Doors and locks which are basic first line of defense is often inadequate. While there may be security cameras in place, that doesn’t mean to say they are being monitored. They are great for producing evidence of the crime after the occurrence, but this does little to protect the victim of the crime at the time. Unscrupulous individuals often rely on the fact these cameras are not monitored, and as long as they conceal their identify then they are bold in their criminal actions.

One of the best defenses any single woman can afford herself living in Toronto is to educate herself on what is available to help with her security measures. Many women don’t realize that there is lots that they can do to beef up their protection. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. This is a another big problem for the single woman, especially the single Mom’s. Money is so tight that the last expenditure they can really think of is for their security.

Small measures like ensuring locks on the windows and doors is a first and affordable step. It is not just protection from physical harm or break ins that has to be considered. Protection against perils such as smoke and fire have to be made a priority. Fortunately all apartment buildings have to abide by strict rules in this regard. It is still up to the tenant to make sure these are in working order.

A good quality security Company will put as much importance on a woman’s security needs no matter where she lives, as they do on high caliber clients that are investing in top security measures.

Pre-lock makes women’s security just as important as anyone else’s, and has addressed the needs of the single mom for example in respect to what can be done to beef up her security.


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