Updating Your Doors With Security In Mind

exterior door securityWith the warmer weather soon to arrive many people throughout the GTA are thinking about some home improvements. One area that is often a subject of attention when its time to spruce up the home is the entry doors. The main focus usually begins with the front door. This is the one that is seen the easiest and used the most often. It is often one a break in artist will attempt their first entry at. This is because many of the doors are vulnerable and easy to get into.

How easily the front door is seen from the roadway also plays a factor in whether it will become a target for an unlawful entry. In quiet neighborhoods or for houses that are well back from the road even a clear view of the door doesn’t act as a deterrent.

When you are replacing your doors you are going to have some decisions to make. You want the type that are going to be energy efficient, but you also want it to be attractive. You also need to pay attention to its security features.

We have talked in the past about safe doors and some of the security measures that you can take with them. Ideally though if you are replacing them you can make your security measures even more beneficial.

When the issue of security comes up with the doors many people tend to only focus on the material that the main door itself is made of. Many of the door materials have varying strengths but sometimes this alone is not enough.

Quite often when a door is being kicked in its the doorjamb itself that weakens and splits near the strike plate of the lock. This can usually be prevented with good locking systems and a quality strike plate. Additional security measures can be taken with 1 inch deadbolt and the metal box strike being reinforced. Longer mounting screws that lodge into the frame going beyond the door jamb will also help.

While the focus has been on your front door, don’t forget about the other exterior doors. We may forget about them but thieves won’t. If they provide better protection for them when trying to make a home entry then they will opt for these ones rather than your front door.

Apply the same type of thinking and security measures that we have just outlined for your main door. If you do this then the security on your home as been enhanced.

Having good security on your doors doesn’t replace the protection that a full security system can offer you. If you have not as yet had one of these installed then it is well worth considering. They are easy to operate, and can be properly installed by a professional security provider like Pre-lock, and they are affordable.





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