Using a Teleport System for Enhanced Toronto Security

Teleport system securityWith today’s modern technology it certainly seems like everything is futuristic and fortunately the security industry is right in tune with their advancement in providing both homeowners and businesses alike with advanced protection and security.

Many people have to travel for business and this always raises a level of concern as to how their business and home is being secured when they are away. Now with the Teleport Intercom System by Logenex the away from home or business individual can stay in touch with what may be taking place at their business or residence, no matter what part of the world they may be in.

This system is a state of the art IP based door entry intercom system. It gives you the capability to answer and respond to anyone who may be at the door of your business or home, no matter where you are. Presently it is supported through your Android or Iphone and soon also by the Windows phone. Just imagine being in control simply from the palm of your hand, utilizing this Logenex system and a phone.  It is comprised of two way audio as well as video streaming.

There are many benefits to owning a top notch security system such as this, but one of the main features is the level of protection it affords you by knowing who is at your door and when, and being able to respond to them. It is commonly accepted that many burglars will ring the doorbell first before trying to gain entry to a home. Now with you being able to respond to that ring no matter where you are this is surely going to act as a major deterrent. It gives your family an added comfort of when you are away of not having to be concerned as to who may be at their door, and leaves whoever it may be with the impression that you are there.

In addition to putting you into control with additional security this system can also be utilized by up to 7 other people from their smartphone device. So if you cannot be available to respond then you can put other responsible people in charge for you without them having to be at the location.

Audio communication is just one of the benefits, as you can easily utilize its video streaming capabilities as well and capture the moment.

If you live a busy lifestyle then ease the burden of your security concerns for both your home and business by exploring your Teleport System options at Pre-lock.

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