What is a Blueprint for your Toronto Home Security

security planningHaving a security system installed in your home used to be quite simple. Now with there being so much additional technology available making the right choices can be a real challenge. This is one of the big reasons you want to deal with a security company that is big on customer service. You don’t need a bunch of up-sells just because they are available and really are not necessary in some cases to provide you all the protection that you need.

Home security providers should be prepared to offer individualized services because every home is unique. Yes, they may all require the basic security systems, but where it becomes different is with the add-ons. Here it needs to be determined as to what is necessary to keep your home secure, and what is just nice to have.

Smoke detectors

These are a must have and in fact if you are looking at your Toronto Home Security needs they are mandatory. Your decision rests will choosing how many you need, the style, and where exactly they need to be located.

Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Again, this is not a choice for your home but is mandatory. Your home security provider can provide you with the right advice as to how many of these you need and where they should be installed.

Remote monitoring

Here you can look at this in two ways. You can look at it as having monitoring services provided by your security company. Or, you can look at it as you being able to monitor your system from wherever you may be located. This is where your smart phone becomes your virtual security guard in a sense. This is a nice to have, but you need to determine whether it is really necessary.

Security cameras

Most people don’t want their home to look like a fortress but the security cameras of today are so inconspicuous that you really can have them installed and they are barely noticeable. The big question is do you need or want them? There will be several factors that you need to consider when making this decision. Your security provider should be able to give you some sound advice concerning this which will depend on your particular circumstances.

Intrusion detection

For many this is the hub of their security system and this is a priority. If you are considering having a home security system installed then this component is a must.

Water alarm

The need for this is all going to depend on the area you live in for the most part. If you are in a flood zone then you may really want to consider this security feature. Some individuals just feel more comfortable having this form of security, that will alert them if there is water flooding the home.

Home automation

When it comes to home automation you need to decide if this is a security enhancement me or more of a convenience. Some people like the feature of being able to control their lighting when they are away, so when they arrive home, the house is not dark. They consider this a security feature. Others like to use it to control the temperature of their home when they are away. Again you need to weigh out the options and benefits of this in regards to your home security needs.

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