You Really Need the MyQ Smartphone Garage

MyQGarageAnyone that is used to using a garage door opener knows what a hassle this can be. Sometimes the remote gets lost or someone else in the family has taken it. Then at other times it just doesn’t work. On top of that if it is a universal remote there is always the risk of some thief finding their way of getting into the garage.

Now finally there is a great solution where you can use your smart phone as your garage opener device too. It is done with the MyQ Smartphone program.

If you have been making use of your smart phone for other security devices then you already know all of the great benefits this offers.

Just imagine being out and about and being immediately alerted when your garage door is being opened. You will know when anyone arrives home and enters through the garage. Or perhaps you have people working on your home and they need access to the garage. Now it’s no problem because you can allow entry no matter where in the world you are as long as you have your smart phone and Wi-fi is available.

The Chamberlain MyQ Smartphone can be downloaded at the APP Store and Google Play. However getting everything set up can be quite complex, and if you want to do this hassle free then the security experts at Prelock can do this for you.

If you are worried about being interrupted every time your garage door is being open by family members at your home, don’t be. You can customize the alerts to your liking.

For those times that you have to turn your smart phone off, like when you are in a meeting or out in a social gathering you can reroute your alerts to another family member.

Just imagine once you have the MyQ Smartphone Garage up and running you no longer have to second guess yourself as to whether you closed the garage door.

While the big drawing factor about this is the convenience it really does increase your security level.

Crooks are quite astute at being able to get into the garage. Often there is a door leading from here into the house and the privacy of the garage gives the would be thief a great opportunity to get past it.

So go ahead and call Pre-lock at (416) 773-5625 to make arrangements to get your MyQ Smartphone Garage up and running.


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