Added Home Security During the Toronto Deep Freeze

extreme temperature securityIt is hard to imagine that you have to take into account your security for your Toronto home or business according to the weather conditions. Many may think that with this deep freeze that the city has been experiencing over the last little while it will give a little added security protection. Meaning that not many home or business break in artists want to be fiddling around trying to thwart home and business security systems in this chilly weather.

This may be true in some cases, but when it comes to home and business security there is more to be considered than theft and home break ins. There are many other circumstances that can affect the security of your home, like fire and flood. While flooding is often thought of as more of a threat during the spring thaw and summer storms, it can also be a mishap that can take place as a result of burst pipes that have frozen because of frigid temperatures that we are now experiencing throughout Ontario.

Something as simple as having an extreme temperature warning device can be a most valuable asset. You may not need this if you are only concerned about the one dwelling that you live in, and are there on a daily basis to keep an eye on things. If you happen to be traveling during this cold season, and your residence is unattended then you most certainly are going to want to know about extreme temperature fluctuations and high/low temperature alarms can help you with this as they can be hooked up to your regular security monitoring system. Many times when people are going to be away from home for a period of time they turn their heat settings down quite low. While this may be adequate for normal cold temperatures there may not be enough heat produced during extreme temperature drops to protect the pipes, which then become frozen and can easily burst with the end result being a huge flood.

By being notified of extreme temperature drop in your home or business you can at least contact someone responsible for your home or business while away and get them to go and address the potential problem.

If you have a cottage you may want to consider this added extra security protection to it as well. Give us a call here at Pre-lock and let’s discuss what type of extra security protection you may have need of for your particular lifestyle.

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