Beefing Up Your Toronto Apartment Security

apartment securityMost people tend to feel safer when living in a Toronto apartment or condo. This because they have neighbors close by who they feel they can count on in the case of an emergency. This is very true, however for some unfortunate apartment dwellers they can end up with not so nice neighbors.

One of the disadvantages that some apartment dwellers feel they have is not being able to have a full security system installed within their apartment. There are other measures that they can take to beef up their apartment security.

Stay alert:

You will always see people coming and going and around the lobby area. Many will be familiar faces. Do be on the watch for anyone that you see that is loitering in this area, or around the front of the building and even in the common areas like the laundry room. If you feel suspicious about something taking place in your building don’t hesitate to report it to your superintendent.

Also, when entering the locked door of your lobby don’t let anyone follow you in, unless you know they are a tenant. It may seem rude not to allow this, but it is for your protection and everyone elses. A tenant should understand this.

If you are in your apartment and someone buzzes to be let in, make sure you know who this is, and they are there to see you. Don’t let them tell you they buzzed your apartment by mistake and they ask for you to open the door.

Do not let salespeople or those that are canvassing into the building. Tell them to contact the superintendent for authorized entry.

A simple but effective security measure to put in place is to have a peephole installed in your door. This way you never have to answer your door without first looking to see who is there. If you use your peephole to see who is at your door and you can’t see them, then do not open it.

In regards to your door safety, you first need to know what is allowed by way of security for your building. The apartment owner or superintendent will inform you of this. Usually they insist on having a key for entry in case of emergency. Once you know what is allowed then contact a quality Toronto locksmith so they can offer you their services and products that would be applicable.

Hopefully your apartment owner has installed CCTV cameras in the common areas. If this is not the case then you may want to get your tenant’s association to request this.

Toronto condo owners have a little more flexibility as to what they can have installed for their individual units. They will also have a greater say as to what security should be in place for the common areas, via the condo board. This is something that every condo owner should take advantage of.


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