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retail securityYou have a lot of choices when it comes to your business security. You can spend a fortune and have a very elaborate security system installed. Or you can choose a business security package that is most applicable to your specific business needs. Then added to this you can use some common sense planning to beef up your security measures.

From those looking from the outside in after hours you want to create a clear impression that there is nothing in the business premises that they can get their hands on easily. Leave cash register drawers open and empty.

Put some good planning into your window display. Make sure that it provides a good view of the inside of the store. This way when the police are on patrol they can get a clear view of the interior of your store. You can assist with this even more by leaving some lighting on in the store. Make sure that you are not placing high end merchandise in your window display. If you do then you are encouraging a smash and grab theft.

Take a good look at the roof of your premises and make sure there are no vulnerabilities there to entice robbers to use it as a point of access. A good example of this is the skylights.

Invest in a good safe that can be bolted to the floor. This way your most valuable items can be placed in this. If you make sure that it is big enough it can also house expensive merchandise as well as the cash.

Watch your timing. Don’t open the doors until you are ready to start your business for the day. When it comes time to count the receivables at night don’t do this until you have locked the doors.

Don’t make it a habit to label your business keys. If you happen to lose them then they could become an open invitation to would be thieves. Also, be sure that you change the locks when an employee is no longer working there that had key access. It is not enough to just get the keys back as copies could have been made.

Following your standard security habits throughout the day but you may also want to have a door opener alert installed on the public doors if you have a need to go to the back of the store and the front is going to be unattended.

Aside from all these simple but extra steps that you can take for your business security, make sure that you have a reliable security company that you can depend on. A good choice is the professionals at Pre-lock who have been in the business of keeping the businesses in the GTA safe for years.


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Paul Seidman is a Toronto security expert providing security services since 1978. Trained as locksmith & alarm security professional Seidman understands how to keep you safe and sound.
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