Starting the New Year Safer with Wi_Fi Smart Video Home Doorbell

dbellKeeping our homes safe is a priority that remains as such throughout the year and isn’t something we do a few times a year. Many individuals are well aware that there is no shortage of criminals in the GTA that just wait for the opportunity to break into a home and rob it. Things have just gotten a little bit harder for them when they come across dbell™.

dbell™ Wi-Fi Smart Video doorbell is a new security device that is super affordable and going to give you even greater peace of mind of knowing what is happening at home when you are not there. No need to worry who is coming to your door any longer.  This innovative doorbell system you can answer your door as if you were right there at home.

This is a smartphone compatible device that comes with the dbell™ free app which works on the majority of Apple iOS and Android Devices.

So when somebody comes to your door and rings the doorbell the device can be programmed so up to five associated iOS or Android  devices will ring. These include your tablet and ipad as well as your indoor bell chime.

If you are going to respond from your tablet or smartphone you can actually see who is at your door. Not only that you can respond to them and they will hear you. That’s not all either dbell™ will take a picture, make a recording and store it in your Smartphone.

So how important is all this really?

As you probably heard on the news that one of the most common steps a would be thief will do is ring your doorbell to see if anyone is at home. If nobody responds they will go about breaking into your home. Not anymore now that you can respond with the dbell™ and the unscrupulous individual at your door won’t know the difference.

Perhaps you have seniors at home by themselves throughout the day and you are always worried that they will answer the door to the wrong person. Or if they don’t, like we just mentioned a crook will think the house is empty and will enter while the senior is there. Having the dbell™ to rely on is going to remove all of this worry from you.

Then how about when you are expecting a parcel delivery but you really don’t want the kids at home to answer the door when you are not there, in case it isn’t the delivery? With this new system you can check and confirm that it is safe for the kids to open the door and accept the parcel.

Then you may want to know just how many kids your youngsters are allowing in when you aren’t there. If they have to ring the doorbell for access you are going to be alerted.

How about the woman that lives alone and is really nervous about people coming to her door? No longer does she need to fear.

Then there are cases where people have a restraining order against them that they do not adhere to. With the new dbell™ system they can actually be caught on tape if they are ringing the doorbell.

For those that live in apartments normally they are really restricted with their security devices, but this system is non invasive and can be easily relied on for the apartment owner, for some extra safety.

These are just a few common instances where the dbell™ system can be so valuable.

This is one of those really inexpensive but highly important security devices that can really make a difference, so be sure to check out the dbell™ system.






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