Are Extra Vehicle Security Measures Needed in Toronto?

driveway alerts and vehicle securityFor any of us who own a vehicle no matter how old or what shape it is in, as long as it still gets us to where we want to go we consider it to be a very important asset. Now for those with older vehicles or have a lot of mileage on them there is probably less worries about it becoming the victim of a car theft ring. What about all those Toronto residents that have the newer vehicles that appear attractive to those who don’t want to pay for it, but have every intention of removing it from it’s rightful owner? Do they need to implement extra vehicle security measures, and if so what are they?

We have talked about car theft several times in the past, but in light of one of the most recent vehicle crimes, it is worth yet once again to comment on the security requirements for our vehicles.

In a recent Police investigation a large car theft ring was brought to a close thanks to the combined efforts of the Durham and York Police services. It had appeared on the news where some of the victims expressed their shock at waking up in the morning only to find their vehicle gone. They can’t believe that the theft took place in such a way as the vehicle owner had no idea what had happened. We’re aren’t talking here about vehicles that were parked a long distance from the residence either, but took place in a driveway very close to the home.

Many of these vehicles had built in security systems, but car thieves don’t mind taking the time to learn how to bypass these, especially when they are involved in a major car theft circle.

No doubt many of vehicle victims had done everything they could to protect their vehicle from robbery including locking the doors. There is one more possible step that just might have proven to be of some value and that is a driveway alert. Not only may it be beneficial for vehicle theft prevention but this security device has many other potential benefits.

Over all home and business security has gotten to the point where first you have to remain a step ahead of potential thieves and other unscrupulous acts, and secondly you really need to be able to rely on experts who many security their business. Pre-lock is one of those Companies and when you place your home and business security in their hands then you don’t have to be an expert at how to protect your family, home and business assets.

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