Paying Attention to Your Business Locks

Business locks variationsSecuring your business takes on many forms. You have to think about it’s protection from break ins. You have to be alert as to what possible risks it is at from employee theft. Then in some cases you may need to consider taking security measures against shop lifting. Added to this you need to think of other types of risks such as fire and peril. Amongst all of these you need to focus on the different areas of security as it pertains to each of these categories. One of these is your business locks.

Your first thought is going to probably go to your main doors which of course is normal, but you have to keep in mind that there could be many other areas of your business that are in need of some quality business locks, and the type you require will vary. Having locks on these different areas is important but equally important is having the right types of locks.

Your main entrances:

We have talked about the various choices you have for the entry points of your Company before. You will need to consider whether you want to go with a keyed version, or an electronic locking system. The choice you make will depend on several factors. For example, how many people would you need to give access to keys to? How high is the employee turn over that would be utilizing the keys to your business?

Your exits:

Here your focus is on keeping control of the number of exits that your business premise is comprised of. Depending on the regulations in your area such as your building codes you will be required to have a specific number of exits. These may be used only in emergencies and as such you want to be alerted if they are used in other situations. In this case you may want to opt for alarm locks.

Interior doors:

You may have some rooms within your business where you want controlled access. You still have the option of going with keyed locking systems, but this can be a hassle. You may find that the electronic key pad systems serve a much greater purpose here.

Cabinets and desks:

Hopefully you are using proper safes for your critical data and important small items, but in general you may want to have additional security provided for your cabinets and desks. You can speak to your security provider as to what resources are available for these.

You may be thinking that because you have a good security system in place, and good locks on your entrance doors that you have taken enough precautions. Keep in mind that the more levels of security you implement the harder the job it becomes for thieves.


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