Home Improvement that Can Enhance Home Security

home reno securityWhen most people think about home improvements their focus is on how it can provide them with extra conveniences, and fill a need they may have in their home. They also look at it has being an investment in their property to increase its value. Looking at home improvements as an extra opportunity to enhance your home security serves two important purposes.

First it automatically increases your security protection. Then secondly it is giving you more bang for your bucks. Improvements are expensive and when they can serve an additional purpose like beefing up your security then you don’t mind the cost as much.

We have talked in the past about when you are upgrading your windows to keep security in mind. Take it a step further and consider your window coverings. These are a form of protection as well, and with a little extra thought you can increase their protective capabilities. Security blinds should be such that they will still allow light to come through, but are not sheer enough that anyone from the outside can get a clear picture of the inside.

If you are doing home improvements on the exterior see where you can add some extra security features. You may want to make sure that you have the power for motion sensors depending on the type you buy. You may also want to think about cameras if you live in a high crime rate area.

With your exterior renovations you also have to give thought to the landscaping. We have talked in detail about this before, but it is worth mentioning again. Large bushes and trees do give you privacy, but the also do the same for the would be thief.

Aside from break ins and robberies you also need to give strong consideration to your personal safety and potential mishaps. One of the biggest concerns is fire safety. Of course you have focused on having up to date fire alerts in your home. These can save your life by warning you of smoke or fire. Even better though is to take every step possible and not let it get to that.

During renovations pay close attention to using only fire rated materials and replacing anything involved in the renovation that is old and needs updating. A prime example of this is old wiring.

These few tips will get you started on thinking about your safety and security during your next home update.


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