How Far Do You Want to Go With Your Pet Security?

pet security technologyMost pet owners truly love their pets and some owners really get upset when they have to leave them during the day. This goes for both dog and cat lovers and all the other domesticated animals that take up space in our homes.

Cat lovers are just as passionate about their feline friends as dog owners are. Quite often though its the dogs that take over the limelight. This time it is going to be the cats and kittens that are the topic of conversation.

When it comes to home security and the protection of these animals it doesn’t matter what they are, we need to know they are safe and secure. The type of security protection that you put in place for your family and home often adds the same protection for your pets.

One of the biggest dangers of course is that your pets don’t have the ability to escape the home in case of fire. It is always a good idea to place a sticker on the exterior of your home alerting first responders that there are pets in the home.

Now getting back to the cats they have not been left out of what modern technology has to offer. There is a new product out called the Petzi Treat Cam. This nifty gadget allows you to be able to check in and see what your cat is up to (or any pet really), from your smart phone or tablet. You can even dispense them treats if you want, or give them a warning when they are up to something no good.

This is just one example of many where new technology is taking into consideration the bond between pet owners and their pets. While this seems like a fun thing to do there is also the serious side to having pets in regards to their security and that’s making sure they don’t get stolen.

It used to be that only the best breed dogs that were worth a lot of money may potentially become a target for thieves. This is no longer the case as these crooks will steal anything that is going to bring them a few bucks and it doesn’t matter whether its a kitten, cat, puppy or dog, they are not fussy.

Pets can be good security providers and its not just the dogs that can do this either. Some cats are pretty alert when someone is lurking around your property. They may not bark but keep an eye on the perked up ears and maybe the swishing of the tail.

Unfortunately not everyone can own a pet, even if they wanted one for security reasons. There is an alternative to this which is Rex, the electronic dog. This technological version of a dog has the ability to send out a nasty sounding bark when programmed properly. Just enough maybe to get those intruders to move on.

Whether is is security for your pet that you are concerned about, or whether you need some updating for your home security, just contact the experts at Pre-lock as they are the security experts for your home and business.

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