A Personal Emergency Response System that Gives Security

personal securitySecurity should be a top priority of every individual and it comes in many different forms, with all of them being highly important. There are some security needs that are specialized and this is where PERS comes into action.

PERS is short form for a Personal Emergency Response System. It is a device that can be critically important to many different individuals who need emergency help immediately and there is nobody around to get it for them.

This applies to seniors of course but even beyond that. How about a security alert system for individuals with disabilities, or children with life threatening allergies? No longer do they have to be stuck at home where they can access their at home emergency response system.

With PERS they now have a new found freedom. They can venture away from home, and as long as they stay within the vast coverage area they can get help when they need it and where they are. Any individual that is now wearing the PERS pendant can venture anywhere they like within Canada.  The tracking device built in will reveal the location of the individual to the monitoring center who dispatch the help that is needed.

The PERS system is available exclusively through Pre Lock security who is super excited about this new addition to their long line of security equipment for home and business. Whenever the experts at Pre-Lock can make life easier and more secure for individuals then they feel they are doing their job.

Not only is the device going to give peace of mind it further enhances this with its fall capability. This means if the wearer takes a tumble then the device detects this and sends out an alert to the monitoring center. The experts at the center will then make contact with the wearer to see if an injury has been sustained and whether help is required.

Individuals who are wearing the PERS no longer feel that they are restricted to where thy have access to a phone. The PERS pendant becomes their best friend and they no longer ever feel as though they are alone.

Yes, it is true that similar devices have been around for several years, but none with the technology that this one possesses nor with the range of freedom it now gives those who are dependent on this sort of security.

The benefits of the PERS pendant is far reaching in that it also gives family members a sense of security in knowing that when their loved ones are wearing it no matter where they are, they are going to have help when they needed.

For women who have to walk to their cars at night or are in a dark area this pendant is a real security feature for them. If they are nervous all it takes is a touch of a button to hear a friendly voice who is going to listen to their concerns and get help in a time of need.

Call Pre-Lock today at 416-773-5625 and get a security item that truly can be a life saver.


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