Planning Your Security Along With Your Home Improvements

Home improvement and securityOnce the holiday season has passed, and many of us settle in for the long winter months ahead, we fill part of this time with devising plans for some spring home improvements. This is also a good time to give thought to either implementing some home security or up dating your present security measures.

You may want to start with a total home review of your present security measures and where you may be vulnerable. This could help you with some of the decisions you need to make for your home improvements. For example, if your windows are old and out dated you may be thinking this should be your home improvement for this year, but on the other hand you really would like to do a kitchen makeover. You are as yet undecided. One thing you may want to keep in mind is that by updating your windows, it also gives you an opportunity to increase the security of these. Your present ones could be leaving you at risk for an easy break in, especially if you don’t have an alarm system in place.

Then you may be thinking about having new siding put on and if you decide this is the next home improvement then also consider upgrading your entry doors. If they are in good condition then there is no need to change them, but you may want to update the locking and security measures concerning them.

Also, remember if you are doing any type of home improvement that is going to include entrance doors to make sure they are up to date for security purposes. Often during a home improvement many people like to look for a bargain and will pick up used doors that are in good condition. It is important to add a new locking system to these. It is quite cost effective to add a deadbolt, along with the deadbolt buddy. Pre-lock offers several options for door security and it is well worth checking out.

While you have some spare time before spring arrives, why not call the security professionals at Pre-lock and arrange to have a FREE with no obligation home assessment done by a Smart Home Monitoring specialist. This way you get the chance to learn what wireless security can offer you. The security experts here are well trained and experienced in security measures for both home and business.

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Paul Seidman is a Toronto security expert providing security services since 1978. Trained as locksmith & alarm security professional Seidman understands how to keep you safe and sound.
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