Planning Your New Home Build Security-The Exterior

exterior new home securitySo far we have focused on your new home build security when it comes to the windows, doors and locks. Now we want to put the final touches on beefing up the exterior security. There are a lot of small personal steps that we can take to make breaking into your home much more difficult and creating the thought for the criminal, that it just isn’t worth the risk.

Being as you are just building your home, you have a great opportunity for some pre-planning. Established homes can be a bit more of a challenge when it comes to trying to increase the exterior security.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you are not innocently supplying some perfect cover for “would be” criminals. They like to do things the easy way so the common points of entry will be the doors and windows. You don’t want to provide any cover here where they can feel secure while trying to break in here. The biggest mistake when it comes to coverage is tall shrubs and trees.

shrubsWhile everyone likes to have their privacy this is still possible but done in a smart way. Evergreens of different types are often a favorite choice when it comes to the landscaping for the front of house. They are often used in the flowerbeds below the main windows. They flourish all year around so they are an easy upkeep, and this is why many tend to use this for their landscaping. With the different varieties they grow to different sizes. Put a little extra time into the planning. You can have the low level shrubs below the windows, like the evergreen globes, then use the taller ones at both ends of the garden so they are not blocking the windows and providing coverage for break in artists.

Perhaps you want to plant some trees in the backyard for some great esthetics. When doing so choose the types of trees wisely in regards to how big they will get. You don’t want to plant them too close to the house where they will eventually become a great resource for a crook to use to gain entry to your upper windows.

Ideally you want your windows and doors to be in plain view by your neighbors. When you are building your backyard patio plan it strategically so you still have your privacy, but are not providing a safe haven for a thief to break in.

In the future we will focus on the exterior and give you more tips on how you can maintain your privacy when it comes to your doors and windows.

Outdoor sensors:

You may have a outdated perception of motion sensors in that they can create a lot of false alarms. This used to be true, but no longer is. The technology for these has come a long way. They are far more sophisticated now and can provide real value to your exterior security. It is comforting to know that you can be alerted when someone enters your property before they even get the chance to get to your doors or windows. There are several options for your outdoor sensors including whether you want them to be wired or wireless. Now is the time to decide while you are still in the construction phase. No matter which you decide upon the Pre-lock security professionals can handle the installation for you, and also give you some important information as to which is the best choice in regards to wired or wireless for your situation.

Another great security feature that you want to add to the exterior of your home is proper lighting. You definitely want to have good lighting over all of your door entrances. You can set this as motion lights, or put them on timers.

Think about the security fencing that you may want to put around your property. While this is great for setting the perimeters of your property and making it attractive looking, again you don’t want it to become a resource for cover for potential crooks.

So there you have the basic first but important steps for scaling up the security for your new home build exterior. There are many other additions that you can add to this if you want to take it a step further.


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