Is a Power Failure Alert All That Important?

power_lostUsually when we think of a dealing with a power outage it is the inconvenience that comes with it. For some though it can also create quite an expense. Even for the average home owner there are just some electrically run items that should the power be interrupted and you are not aware of it, then it can be costly.

Most freezers come with a light on them that let you know they are powered up. Some have well made freezers that they had for many years, and even if they have a power warning light it may be burned out. Or the freezer is in a location that isn’t seen easily so it could be days before a interrupted power supply was noticed.

A quick solution for this and other types of power outage warnings is the use of a very simple device called the AC Power Loss alert  PS-110. It a no muss, no fuss, affordable yet simple device that could potentially save you a ton of money.

It simply gets plugged into your ac outlet, then have the SPST output alarm cable connected to your security system and breathe a sigh of relieve knowing that should a power outage occur to that receptacle you are going to know about it.

Consider it’s use for your second home as well. Often during the closure months second homes are not inspected on a regular basis, yet there are some items that cannot be left without power for any period of time. You at least need to be aware of this and knowing that you will be alerted to this occurrence can really provide you with peace of mind.

If an outage is evident between 3 to 8 minutes you are going to be alerted about it through your security system.

This is just one example where a home owner can put such a small but important alert device to good use. If you are a business owner then chances are there may be a need for this type of extra security device in your company. Businesses that utilize a great deal of electronic equipment need to make sure that there is good environmental control where they are being located. If the cooling or heating system fails because of a power outage you need to know immediately so you can monitor the situation. Again the AC Power Loss alert  PS-110 could be of value to you.


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