Being Security Savvy Can Increase Your Security

Being security savvySo many times we can become our own worst enemy when it comes to simple security measures and protection for our home and family. In most cases we are trusting by nature and want to see the good in people. Unless a threat to our security is visibly seen we tend to forget the extra security that can be taken that don’t cost us a penny.

Usually our vacation time comes once a year, and when it is pending we are anxious to tell anybody who will listen about our proposed vacationing plans. A short conversation with your hair dresser whom you may never have met before, or the new grocery store clerk can mean that you are revealing a great deal of information about yourself that could pose a security threat to you. Now these types of individuals are merely used as an example of the types of people that we often come in contact with and is not meant as an example of unscrupulous individuals.

Thieves that are experienced however, have been known to use plants in all types of professions to glean information about unsuspecting targets to determine a prime time to rob their home. Letting people that you don’t know when you are going to be away from your home really is not a good idea. Vague mention of a holiday is fine but without realizing it you could actually reveal when you are going to be away, for how long and even the distance from your home that you will be.

Another big mistake that is so commonly made is to just assume that it is the front of your home that could be the vulnerable area for a break in. It is on the front doors and windows that you will see the security system stickers. Yet if you walk around to the back of the home you will see no such stickers on the windows and doors here. Certainly there is an element of surprise in their not being here, but why risk a thieve even attempting a break in, when a security sticker just might be enough to prevent such an attempt, thereby reducing the possibility of potential break in damage.

As a additional simple but important security step, fix that broken door bell. Many times a crook will ring the doorbell to see if anybody is home. If you answer the door they will simply pose as a salesperson and move onto the next home. If you don’t answer they could very well begin their attempts at entering your home. You will both be in for a unpleasant surprise when you find a stranger has entered your home.

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