Preventing Package Thefts

being aware of package theftsIn just the past 10-15 years with the popularity of companies E-Bay and Amazon skyrocketing and the old standards like the Shopping Network and others still making waves the public is ordering items online more now than at any time in history.

Especially over the holidays season more people are simply choosing to do their shopping online and having the packages shipped to their homes via one of the big carriers like Fed-Ex and UPS among others.

While it is exceptionally convenient to do the purchasing this way the deliveries, unfortunately, do not always come when we are at home, and in order to prevent package theft we need to do some creative thinking to deter these types of crimes.

While some know of this first hand having had packages stolen from their premises, the vast majority of us would never even consider that this could happen but the truth is somewhat more deviant than we would like to believe.

While many package thefts are simple crimes of opportunity, meaning that someone passing by your house sees a package on the front step and decides that he or she will grab that package and take the chance it is something valuable or useful.

There are still others who are even more devious and they follow the courier trucks around and wait for packages to be dropped off on porches, front and back, and then strike before the homeowner returns home to retrieve the goods.

There are thankfully some ways to avoid this happening to you.

The first tip is to always try and ensure that any deliveries require a signature on arrival. That will cause the company delivering the package to have someone sign for the item before they are able to leave it and means that the package is never simply left unattended.

If you cannot do this then another way to avoid theft is to have your packages delivered to your place of business. This will again ensure that the packages are never left on your door step for an enterprising thief to find.

If you cannot do either of those then at the very least require that your packages have a shipping number that you are able to track from the point of shipping all the way to your front door so that you are aware of the time of delivery and can make sure that there will be someone there to retrieve the package if you cannot be there yourself.

No matter what you are buying, whether exceptionally valuable or not, you want to be sure that YOU get the item and not someone else and by choosing one of the methods above you will find that you can avoid the unpleasant experience of having a package stolen from you.

For further information on this or any other security topic be sure to call the professionals at Pre-Lock Security Services for advice and for all your security concerns.

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Dealing with Theft in the Construction Industry

theft in construction industryEvery industry has its concerns regarding theft not only from external sources, but internally as well. At the end of the year when these costs are calculated it can be staggering. This is when many business owners realize that they have to take some positive steps to help reduce this unnecessary cost. Theft in the construction industry also exists, and it can be costly.

The problem in this industry can be two-fold.

A lot of small items can easily be lifted from the construction sites and it is most difficult to track these. They are many employees on site at any given time. It is not unusual when looking at an average work site in the construction industry to see a whole gambit of various sized tools laying about without anyone really being accountable for them.

In some cases construction employee’s are required to use their own equipment, but many different tools still have to be provided by the company itself. There are a few steps that management can take to help reduce internal theft.

Each tool and piece of equipment should be marked with a clear identifier. Not one that can be easily removed. Engraving many of the tools with some type of identification helps to clearly indicate which tools belong to the Company. If random inspections are done then it can help to keep track of these items much easier.

The actual setup of the worksite keeping security regarding theft in mind can go a long way in helping to reduce theft. One option is to set up a sign out section for all tools which then have to be signed back in at the end of each day. These tools and equipment should then be stored in a secure manner over night to avoid loss from external theft.

It is common practice for a construction site to set up a work perimeter that is then fenced in. Doing this properly so the fences are high enough and can be properly locked at night will help to discourage unwanted intruders.

Another option is to consult with the experts at Pre-lock. These are the professionals that specialize in all types of security measures. They can assist with recommendations for the construction industry to help reduce the loss from theft.

It may be suggested that security cameras be put in place so the construction site can be monitored 24/7. It can even be extended where the site is live monitored.

Although extra security measures do incur extra costs, these are most definitely offset with the reduction of loss from theft.

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Business Fire and Safety Security

business fire preventionTaking Responsibility for Business Fire and Safety Security

There are many different areas of responsibilities when it comes to your business. Security and protection is one of these and within this category, there are several different segments that attention must be paid to. One of these is having proper security measures in place in case of a fire.

As the owner of the business, you have the responsibility of ensuring that your staff is protected and your assets.  This means you need to have a solid plan in place in the event that a fire does break out. You also have to have up to date fire alarm systems in place. In addition to this, you must have the proper preventative steps in place to deter this type of dangerous event.

Proper Fire Alarm Systems

You need to have approved smoke detectors strategically placed throughout your entire business premises. You have a few options for choosing these. You can go the do it yourself route where you buy these from your local store and install them. Or, you can rely on the experts like those at Pre-Lock to assess your needs and then install top quality smoke and fire detectors in the proper places throughout your business. You can even take it a step further and go with a monitored security system which will alert monitoring staff when heat or smoke is detected. Then these experts can dispatch the proper responders immediately. That few minutes in time of detecting a problem early can make a major difference in handling the fire before it gets totally out of control.

Fire Escape Plan

There are rules and regulations in place for businesses that they must follow when it comes to fire safety. For example, fire extinguishers have to be on site, and there has to be proper fire exits. Where the problem arises is that the staff is not properly trained in fire escape measures. Many don’t know how to use a fire extinguisher, and some may not even realize which exit would be the best to use in the case of fire. Often times employees become complacent to when the fire alarm does go off and just assume that it’s a false alarm or testing of the alarm.

Every employer has the obligation to make sure that a proper fire escape plan is drafted and that every employee is well aware of it. Ideally fire drills should be carried out to make sure that the staff is compliant with the plan.


Business owners know that they must comply with the safety rules and regulations when it comes to fire safety. Over and above this they have the responsibility of making sure that the building is inspected properly at regular intervals to make sure no hazards are present. This includes checking that electrical circuits are not being overloaded. It means making sure that any and all preventative measures are constantly being up dated when the need arises.

It is easy to get caught up with the daily responsibilities that a business presents and time is not put aside to ensure that the premises are safe in all regards.

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Out Building Security for Your Home

Protecting the Out Building of Your Home with Out Building Security

security for outdoor shedsSo many times we focus on the security of our home that we forget about the other important components of it like the out buildings that we use to store many of our assets. This includes our garage which often ends being partly a storage area for many important items.

Other buildings that we need to be aware of when it comes to security are the garden and storage sheds.

Space is usually at a premium when it comes to the interior of the home. As a result a lot of people will buy a storage shed and store out of season items or valuable in these buildings without realizing that they need to be part of the security protection of the home.

There are a few steps that can be taken to increase the security for these small buildings. First, pay attention when buying them as to the quality they are comprised of. Usually, they only have one door but some come with windows. If you are choosing this type then make sure the windows have a good locking mechanism on them. If they don’t then consider purchasing some window grills or bars to prevent them from being opened. Even if they do have a good lock mechanism on them take these few extra steps to protect them doesn’t hurt.

The locks that these units come with are often not of high caliber. You may want to consider spending a bit of extra money and changing the lock so it is one that is rated for good security.

It is not uncommon when installing these types of buildings to tuck them away so they don’t take up usable space or interfere with the esthetics of the property. The problem that arises when doing this is you are making it easier for a thief to take their time when attempting to break into them because they are secluded.

What you want to do is make sure that there is good lighting in this area for the night time. A well lit area may deter “would be” thieves. You can easily put your lights on timers or operate them through your smartphone for the times you want to activate them.

If you have a CCTV camera this is one area where it may be put to good use. You can either opt to have your cameras focus on your entire exterior, or have one just dedicated to giving you a good view of your exterior buildings.

Don’t forget to practice the same security measures for your garage even it is attached to the house. In fact, you want to be even more cautious here as it can mean access to the house for the garage.

For all of your security needs both in and out be sure to check with Pre-Lock to see what we can offer you to help make your home a safe and secure one.

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Light Switch Security and What is It?

wemo light switch cnvenienceThere are so many different components that you can look at for making your home a much safer and more convenient place to live. There is no doubt with the technology that is now available in the security industry many positive steps can be taken to secure a home and make it a safer environment. It even comes down to light switches being able to help with this.

Of course everyone is familiar with the standard light switches and with their purpose being to control the lighting in our homes. Many even know that they can put their lights on timers which is convenient, but now it can go beyond this.

These new and innovative light switches are produced by WEMO and are now available through Pre-Lock. All it means is having these installed where you will make the most use of them. You can either have your local electrician do this for you, or the Pre-lock Security experts will be happy to do this for you and even configure these switches for your most convenience.

Once installed all you need is your regular Wi-Fi hook up and you can now control the switches no matter where you are from your devices such as your iPhone, tablet or Android smartphone. It’s all done through a free app that you can easily download via the Apple App outlet or Google Play.

What Makes the WEMO light switches so Important?

They are just one more affordable and easy way to step up your security. If you want to turn the lights on before you or a family member arrives home, no problem you can do this no matter where you are at. There is no longer any worries about the kids having to come into a dark house, or yourself for that matter. This brings great comfort to those who live alone, or seniors who go out and forget to leave a light on when they are coming home in the dark.

It is true that you can do the same thing with timers, but these don’t give you the flexibility that turning on a light when you choose does. Besides, if an unscrupulous person is watching your house it’s not difficult for them to discern that the lights are on timers, because they come on at the same time every day.

Also, with the WEMO it can be configured to send you text messages whenever a light is turned on. This way you know immediately if any activity is taking place in the home as soon as anyone activates the WEMO light switch.

It is the little steps like this with affordable innovative products that can really take your security to the next level.

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Different Types of Alarm Services for Your Home

alarms for home securityWhen you think of what protection you need for your home the first thought that probably comes to mind is a security system. From here it means having a basic understanding of what is available to you by way of home security which means learning a little about the types of alarm services that can come with your security system

Hard Wired Alarms

Many feel that a hard wired alarm system is more reliable compared to wireless. Often people opt for wireless because it is a lost easier to have installed. Either way, you have a choice. If you are having a new home built or doing some major renovations then you will probably want to go with the wired installation.

Wireless Alarm Systems

These are considered to be the most convenient and cost effective based on its installation needs. The reason that they may be considered to be less reliable than the wired systems is because of interference in the signals.

Hybrid Alarms

There are different types of Hybrid alarms. Some of which you can install yourself and others that are used in a home security package like the one that Pre-lock security offers that is custom planned for your specific needs.

Email Alarm Alerts

With today’s modern technology it really can be used to step up the security of your home and really boosts convenience. This is what email alarm alerts are all about. You can receive an email concerning what it taking place at your home, like when the kids arrive home or somebody is delivering a package.

Home Invasion Alarms

There are many different types of security packages. You can get a home invasion security alarm system that will send signals to a monitoring center that will alert you if the alarm has been triggered and will take appropriate action if necessary.

Life Safety Alarms

Getting out of your home in a quick and safe manner when a fire breaks out is critically important and your life safety alarms is the best resource there is for alerting you in times like this.

Medic Alert Alarms

For the elderly or those with medical problems medic alert alarms can become their best friend. If they fall or become ill with a push of a button they can alert a monitoring center to send help.

There are several different types of security alarms mentioned here and it can be a little overwhelming to know what you need to choose. This is one of the big problems that do it yourself enthusiasts run into when setting up their own alarm system. You don’t have to become an expert in security to protect yourself. All you need to do is rely on the experts here at Pre-lock and they are going to help you determine exactly what you do need for the safety and security of your family on all levels. Pre-lock security reps are not into trying to sell you something you don’t need. At the same time they are not going to be remiss in their responsibilities by not making you aware of what is available to help scale up your protection.

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Using Common Sense Security for Home Safety

home safety common senseWith today’s modern technology there is little doubt that there is a lot of security equipment and services to keep your home, family and business safe. None of this replaces common sense and constantly being alert as to what is going on in the vicinity of your home and business to ensure your home safety is at a level where it should be.

When you live in what you consider to be a safe neighborhood it is easy for the entire family to let their guard down. During the day you may not even be bothering to lock your front door.

As we are breaking into spring we are beginning to get the odd day where we are leaving the main door open and just using the screen door for security. Or, you may have opened the windows to get that first breath of fresh air and although you remember to close them you have not locked them.

When a knock comes to the door especially when the home family is home its not usual to just answer it without checking to see who is them. The assumption maybe that its just one of the kid’s friends. This is a bad habit to get into and one that can lead to some serious consequences. A good example of this is what took place in Vaughan township recently.

Hopefully you have a quality alarm system that has been installed like those that Pre-Lock Security offers. If so then you have made a great choice in your security measures. This still means that you must use all of its features like.

Don’t worry about being classified as a “nosy neighbour”, just because you are one that keeps track of what is going on in your neighborhood. This type of practices puts you in a position of being able to quickly identify when something is out of the norm for your area. For example, someone hanging around the street that is unfamiliar to you, or a car or van that is parked on the street for any period of time that is not normally seen in this vicinity.

There are a lot of great security experts in the Toronto and GTA region but few with the skills and experience that Toronto Locksmith and Security Expert, Paul Seidman possesses. Here are some tips that Paul feels are important for enhancing the safety of your family and home.

  • Do not open your door to anyone not known to the family, avoid having children answer the door without an adult present. Do not confront possible suspects; call the Police.


  • Keep all doors and windows locked  and install a peep hole on your front door so you can be 100% who is at the door.


  • Always Keep your Pre-lock security system armed at all times by arming it in the “Stay” or “Away” mode.


  • Record the license numbers and descriptions of any suspicious vehicles as well as a description of the occupants in the vehicle if possible.


If you would like to test or review your security system, camera system, talk about adding better locks and bars please call me at 416 773-5625.

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Pet Home Security Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe

security for petsThere is no doubt that you consider your pets to be part of your family. It doesn’t matter whether it is a dog, cat or even a reptile. If you have decided to become responsible for them then you have the task of looking after their security.

Many of the security measures that you have put in place for your family will also be applicable to your pets. One of the concerns that can come with pet security is to avoid having them stolen. Fortunately, for your pets (but not for you) break in thieves are after the most valuable items in your home. That doesn’t mean that they won’t consider your dog  to be of some value especially if it is a pure breed. By making sure that you have a good security system installed and properly activated you are cutting down the risk of your pet being stolen from the inside of your home.

A great risk of your dog or cat being stolen is when they are allowed to roam the backyard. A safety feature here of course is to have the yard fenced in. Dogs do want to go out at night so the protective measure here is to make sure that you have good lighting installed that lights up the entire yard. Also, make sure that you have a good lock on the gates that allow access to the yard area.

For extra protection not only for your pets, but the exterior of your home is to install cameras. These can act as a great deterrent.

You may also want to consider having a security chip placed internally in your dog or cat which your veterinarian can easily do with no discomfort to your pet and it is reasonably priced.

Another great resource that you can really rely on is Smart Home Monitoring. This will allow you the option of having live video installed so you can see what is taking place in your home environment at any given time. You can easily check up on what your pet is up to whenever you choose.

While many people like to have a dog as it is considered as security in itself, it is not something that everyone wants to do or can do. In this case, there are some great alternatives like Rex the electronic dog. Rex can emit a bark that anyone would be hard pressed to determine that this is not a real dog. It is a great resource for seniors who don’t want to have all the responsibilities that come with owning a pet.

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Why Fire Escape Planning is So Important

child safety and fire escape planningIn wake of the recent study that has shown that most children will not wake up when the smoke detector goes off the need for a solid fire escape plan is more necessary than ever before.

The study took a selection of children of various ages, both girls and boys and set off the smoke detectors at full blast in a situation that emulated the way a house would be set up with smoke detectors in most situations.

The study showed that the children almost entirely slept through the blasting alarm and barely moved. There were a few children, almost exclusively girls, who did wake up but the number was very disconcerting indeed.

While those studies have shown us that we need to improve in the way we alert people to an event that potentially has the ability to harm us and our families the fact still remains that we need to have a serious fire safety plan in effect no matter where we are.

Even when on the road, whether on vacation with our families or traveling for business we should always be aware of exactly where the exits are located and what the protocols are for an event like a fire or mass evacuation when staying in a hotel or other accommodations.

Knowing where you are going to go and even practicing that eventuality with those who are with you can mean the difference between getting out safely or being a part of the mass panic that those situations can sometimes bring on.

As far as your own house or dwelling you absolutely need to come up with a solid fire escape plan and communicate that to your family in as much detail as required.

Your children and other family members need to know exactly where they will go and what they will do if the unexpected should happen and you need to commit to practicing this at regular intervals.

It is not enough to say “you need to do A..B..C..” it needs to be practiced and then practiced some more so that it is fully imprinted on the brain and can be done in both the dark and in the light.

Anything you can do to make the practice more realistic is recommended.

The biggest thing to remember is that in a fire there is very little time to act and not having a standard fire plan that is well thought out and communicated extensively to everyone in the family can mean the difference between life and death.

Talk to the experts and get the help you need to develop a solid plan of action and then practice, practice, practice. Hoping that an event never occurs is NOT the same as planning for its possibility.

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Thinking About Your Security When Moving

moving securityYou always want to make sure that you and your family are safe at all times, and the same can be said about your home and all of your precious personal belongings.Security when moving is something you may have to think about.

Having a security alarm is not only a good choice, depending on where you live, it is almost a necessity. You may have lived in your home for 20 years or more and watched the surrounding neighborhood go down the drain, but you love your home and don’t want to move under any conditions.

Having an alarm system, especially one that is hooked up to the security company so it is monitored at all times, ensuring your safety, is something that will give you great peace of mind. Alarm systems range in price, but you will find that they are extremely affordable, and even the lower priced units work great and still allow you to be monitored at all times.

If, on the other hand, you have decided that moving on to a new home is something you really want to do, there are some precautions you should make, both at your old home, and your new dwellings. Of course what is needed is based on where you are moving to, for example, if you currently live in a house but you have decided to move to an apartment, then the security measures would be somewhat different. Also, depending on what type of apartment you have chosen to move to makes a difference in regards to your security.

If the building has their own security guards, and there are cameras all around the building, this will add to your safety big time. Even with that being said, having your own system is always a wise idea under any conditions. Units today not only protect you against would be thieves, they also can detect carbon monoxide poison, fire, as well as other threats and warn you before it is too late for you to react.

When you are moving in, try not to expose expensive items to anyone that might see you moving your stuff in.Also, make sure that there are no high-ticket items visible from any windows. This is especially true if you are not living in the place yet, but just moving your items in bit by bit. Make sure that you install a security alarm system even before you move in, and make sure that there are sensors on all of the windows, as often this is a way for thieves to get entry.

If your new home is in a new development, you really need to protect all you own, and an alarm is truly advantages. Especially if no one lives beside you yet, there is no one to hear someone break in, so an alarm hooked up to a security company that can call the police right away if needed is your only protection.

Having a good size dog stay in the new home over night when you are not there is also a great deterrent for many would be burglars  as well. As long as they are not left alone for a long period of time and they are somewhat obedient, then leaving them to guard the home is a great idea.

Depending on the breed they don’t even have to be trained as a guard dog, but instead just the sight of them will turn many burglars away immediately. Use deadbolts on your doors compared to spring locks, and for any locks that were installed by the builder, it is wise to always change them, even if it is only the locking mechanism itself, so that you ensure you have the only keys.

If you do sign on with a security company they will be able to better advise you as to what else is needed for your optimal security and safety through your moving experience. Be sure to check out what Pre-Lock has to offer for all of your security needs.

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