Getting Your House Security Ready for the Away from Home March Break

Making ends meet nowadays is extremely difficult, especially if you have, or want to have, a family and kids someday. Most times, in order to raise a family with children, you will find it takes both parents working full time in order to just get by. It can be extremely stressful and even frustrating when you work so hard and yet never seem to get ahead.

One big problem in this scenario is that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, as the old adage would say. Your name may not be Jack, but if you and your significant other don’t try and take some time for yourselves, it is not only depressing, it can make for a miserable life. Putting away a few bucks here and there might not seem so easy, but it will pay out in the long run if you can finally get away on a vacation. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, or even expensive, just getting away from the same routine will help you more than you know.

So now you have the money to go and do something, and choosing where to go, when to go and what to do is the next step. Christmas is always a good time for a holiday away, but you are somewhat restricted as to what you can do outdoors because of the cold weather. Summer is good as well, but then depending on where you go, the heat can be unbearable.

The other best time is the March Break, as your kids are off from school, the weather is usually very comfortable, allowing you lots of other things you can do outdoors while you are gone. Okay, so all your plans are made, bags are packed, and all that remains is for you to make sure your house is locked tight and secure before you take off for a week or so. Making this effort will pay off big time when it comes to you worrying about your home and personal belongings.

First and foremost, and very important, even after you have locked everything up tight, always do a final double check before you actually walk out the door. It’s easy for someone in the family to use a door and then forget, leaving it vulnerable. If you have slidings doors anywhere in the home, make sure you put a metal bar on the tracks to make it harder for intruders to pry open the doors.

If you know your neighbors well enough to ask them to keep an eye on your place, this is always wise to do. See if they wouldn’t mind picking up any mail or newspapers from your door, as this is a big way would-be thieves have an idea when people are gone away. If you have any spares keys left around the home, make sure you retrieve them all, and perhaps give one to your neighbor, if needed. If you have a garage door, make sure you disable it prior to leaving, this can be done by unplugging it.

The best way to have the most peace of mind while you are gone is by investing in a house alarm that is operated by a reputable security company that can monitor your home while you are away, if you so choose. Nowadays these alarm systems are extremely affordable, and monitoring is also very reasonable as well. Look online and find the closest security company near you, and make sure you check their references before you hire them to take of your home and your precious belongings. Your holiday will be far more enjoyable and far more relaxing knowing that everything is safe and secure.

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Do We Need to Consider Children Security Devices?

Security for childrenIt isn’t easy being a parent nowadays, and even if you try and keep your children, especially the younger ones, safe and within your sight whenever possible, it isn’t always easy to do so. Kids have a mind  of their own, and even the best behaved sometimes decide to take a stroll once in awhile, You always want to be prepared for this type of situation, and truly the best way to do this is by looking at what could happen and plan for that emergency, if God forbid, it actually happens. Have a plan already put together on how you need to react and what is the best way to get your kid back safely.

As your kids get older you will have to adjust to their changing lifestyles, as well as your own, and when they especially start school you will have to allow them to spread their wings a bit, and this means giving them more freedom. As they progress in school there might be outings and school trips that will allow them to experience life and learn different things that will help to mold them as they get older.

Home security has come a long long way in a short period of time. If you are like many families where both parents are required to work full time in order to just get by, it can be very stressful when it comes to worrying about kids, especially when they start school. When they are younger you can hire a babysitter that you have chosen, who you believe is capable and trustworthy enough to take care of your kids, or perhaps enroll them in a close by reputable daycare. This should help to ease some of the worry.

It’s when they start school that the real worrying starts. Nowadays you can find out exactly when they get home, and even talk to them through video chat. You yourself, no matter where you are, can then lock the doors in case your kids forget. So that fine when they are home, but what about when they are out of the home?

Fortunately, with recent technological advances, it is getting easier to keep track of your child, no matter where they go. One such advance include wearable GPS units that your child can wear that will allow you to know where they are at all times. There are many different types of units available that are available, from the basic right up to the state of the art units, that go far beyond what people would have thought might be possible, even in the near future. There is a large variety of these devices to pick from, with a number of different features. They don’t have to be large and cumbersome to be effective, as they are small and fashionable, and depending on the unit, some even work like a cell phone, allowing you to get ahold of your kid and talk to them at any time, day or night.

These devices are affordable and are just one example of new innovative products that are designed to help parents keep track of their children, of any age, any time, and if you are a parent you know there is no price tag on your children’s safety.

These are just one example of some of the security measures that parents are taking with their children. However, safety begins at home and knowing that you have the property security measures installed here have to be the priority. For all your home security needs you can count on the experts at Pre-Lock.

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Security Solutions for Small Businesses

small business securityRegardless of the size of your business you want and expect to have options that will secure your business from all manner of security risks whether that is from theft from outsiders, from employees and most importantly the physical security of the location itself.

Just because your business is not as large as some of the massive corporations in the country does not mean that you should have to settle for anything less than those companies enjoy with regards to security. There are security solutions for small businesses that are affordable and work well.

There are many ways that you can ensure that the security of your small business is addressed properly and just as importantly efficiently and with an eye on cost effectiveness.

A very big priority in today’s highly technical age is cyber security and threats that come from outside via the modern ways that we both communicate and do financial transactions which is mainly through our phones and other smart devices.

No matter the size of your company, the infrastructure that you set up and employ for your security must include ways to make those areas both safer and more secure.

One of the areas that experts consider of paramount importance when trying to secure your small or medium sized business from cyber-attacks is the use of the computer systems in your place of business for personal use during office hours or even after hours.

Regardless of when the employees are using the system if they are connecting to sites that may have the potential of importing threats into your closed system then you are opening yourself and at times your customers to attacks from cyber criminals just by virtue of the fact that you are giving them the entry that they need to do massive harm to your technology infrastructure and possible gain access to not only your companies private information but also that of your customers.

The easiest way to combat this potential threat is to enact a policy companywide that limits or eliminates the use of the companies systems for any private web browsing. While this may seem easier said than done there are actually programs that you can purchase and employ that will allow you to do this quite easily.

Ensuring that you always employ the proper connections, connections that are secure and password protected.

Passwords are another huge source of potential problems not just for businesses but also for the private individual. Making sure that all employees follow a certain protocol when choosing passwords that makes them as secure as possible is paramount to the security of your networks and the information contained therein.

The bottom line is that you need to make sure that all of your security issues whether cyber of physical need to be addressed fully and completely.

Contact the professionals here at Pre-Lock Security Services to discuss any security issues your company may have, the professional and informed staff will happily help you with any security issues you may have!


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It Doesn’t Pay To Become Lazy About Your Security

security for the familyMost of us are pretty astute when it comes to our major security protection. It’s not hard though for one to let their guard down. If you live in a nice neighborhood where nothing bad ever seems to happen then it’s easy to become comfortable in regards to your security.

Common ways that people let their guard down with their security.

Not locking the door. Or at the very least not bothering to check that the windows are locked, and the security system is activated for the night. This is common place in quiet neighborhoods. Unfortunately, thieves are well aware of this and will take advantage of any opportunity they can get.

The other fallacy is that most people don’t believe that a crook will try to gain entry if there are people at home. All of the events that have taken place in the news in the last year or two substantiate how untrue this is.

Opening the door too easily. When a knock comes to the door especially during the daylight hours people will commonly open their door without checking. Even though they may have a security intercom system in place it gets ignored. In today’s age, this is not a wise thing to do. Home invasions do happen and many crooks have entered simply by knocking on the door then forcing their way once it’s opened. It doesn’t take long to do and they go unnoticed because it happens so quick.

Not keeping your security system up to date. Don’t think that just because you have a sticker in your window that you have security in place is the only deterrent that you need. Amazingly thieves have a way of discerning if a security system is up to date and in good working order.

Then there is senior’s security that we tend to take for granted. We assume because our elderly loved ones still are in their own home and self-sufficient that they are safe. Any emergency can happen at any time and they should have some form of an alert system they can rely on. Especially if they live alone.

Then how about when you take the batteries out of your smoke and fire alarms because they trigger too easily. The goal is that you are going to move them but you never seem to get around to it. So this life saver sits for weeks or months dormant because it simply does not have batteries. There is no turning back the clock and if a fire breaks out then you are putting yourself in a very precarious position.

You need to extend your security thinking to your vehicle as well. Leaving it unlocked even in your own driveway is a big mistake. It doesn’t matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, it’s not invulnerable to unscrupulous individuals.

It’s time to do a check on your security measures to make sure you have not become lazy in this regard. You may also want to give Pre-lock a call and ask them how you can beef up your security to keep your family and home safe.

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What Are the Best Access Controls for Your Business?

business security accessWhile Metro Toronto Police do their very best to keep the city a safe place to live and work, just like anywhere else we have our own fair share of crime. This means that as business owners we have to take on some of the responsibility for keeping our businesses protected. Fortunately, there are great security services that can be taken advantage of to do this like Pre-Lock Security.

There are many different aspects of the business that require business security attention. Just one of these is controlling who has access to your business.

You can put the access controls in place for your business that are best suited for you. These help to ensure that you are protected from theft and only allow entry for those that are authorized. This can be done through access cards, photo identification, proximity readers, and two-way intercom just to name a few.

When making your decision you really need to determine to what level you want to go.  For example to really step up your access security you can go with a Biometric system. This is a real step about using card identification or access with a pin number. The Bioscrypt FingerPrint reader enhances the use of proximity cards because it requires the fingerprint of the person wanting entry to match with the data that is stored in the reader. This is really added security because the loss of cards or them being stolen is quite commonplace.

Another option is the Handkey. This type of security depends on identification through hand geometry. The advantage to this type of access control is its simple to have installed, it’s easy to use and it’s affordable.

While many business owners know they should rely on access control for their business there are a few things that stop them from going that route. First, they don’t know much about the different types of access systems. They don’t have the time to really learn about them, and/or don’t want the learning curve that comes with utilizing them. Then there is the task of assigning a staff member to be responsible for the system. All of these concerns are put to rest when the business owner chooses to rely on managed access control.

These are just a few examples of many types of access controls that you can put in place for your business protection. They can be as simple or as simple as you want them. The important step to take is to utilize a good Toronto security Company that has the knowledge, expertise, and experience when it comes to these types of systems.

You can depend on Pre-lock to offer you the affordable and trustworthy business access systems, that are going to make securing your business easy and affordable. The security experts here will make sure they spend all the time they need to with you to ensure you are not only getting the best quality business access system at an affordable price, but it’s the one that you need specifically for your business.

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The Ever Changing Technology of Home Security

home security and technologyIn just about every facet of everyday life technology is changing faster than we ever expected and this includes that which is used for our home security.

If you asked someone in the Eighties, or even Nineties if we would see the vast majority of the technologically advanced home security options we see today and people would have literally thought you were living in a science fiction fantasy land.

Unless you were one of the techies who was involved in the research and production of these tech marvels then you would have thought that it sounded much like the old “Jetsons” cartoon where people were living in space houses and driving flying cars to and from work.

But the reality is that many of the things we would have considered fantasy have not only been perfected but are now on the market today.

From Smart Door locks that operate via wireless connection that can not only tell you if the door is locked or unlocked but also be opened remotely if you have a guest pop by who does not have a key or if you need to let a contractor in when you are away from the residence to remote monitoring that allows the user to truly “keep an eye on” their property and belongings when they are away with cameras that can be monitored remotely wherever there is an internet connection.

Technology even allows you to completely automate the functions in your home that traditionally someone would have had to be home to perform which can add to your security by making would be thieves think that the residence is occupied.

You can remotely turn on lights in different rooms at different times and even turn on the television or stereo at certain intervals to make the house seem lived in plus you can control the thermostat to control the heating and cooling of your home so that when you are not there you can turn the systems down and save money and when on the way home set them to a comfortable level for when you arrive.

Even technology that was once the domain of the very rich or the large corporate entities such as home security locks with built in fingerprint scanners are soon to be available to anyone no matter what their socioeconomic background or income level.

Biometrics will very soon in the future be one of the most popular ways to secure not only our computers and work places but also our home and quite possibly even our automobiles and other personal belongings.

We have harnessed technology to the degree that just about everything that we once considered the area of the Sci-Fi reader or author is now becoming a reality.

It makes one wonder what the next fifty years will bring us!

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Are Canada Property Crime Rates Rising ?

Do we need to be concerned about Canada property crime?

crime rates canadaWith all the recent press during the United States presidential campaign and the talk in particular about the rising violent crime rates in the inner cities of the U.S many wonder how we here in Canada match up the U.S when you consider violent and property crimes committed against the people in urban areas.

There is absolutely no doubt that the urban and suburban locales in Canada suffer from different types of crime. Most of the crimes perpetrated in rural areas tend to be property crimes such as burglaries or break and enters or simply theft of items found in those types of areas such as A.T.V’s and snowmobiles, tractors or anything else of value.

True random violent crime is rarely something that you encounter in a rural area although there are certainly examples of Canada property crime that in the past yet the above mentioned crimes like B&E’s are much more likely.

The Canada property crime we see in the urban areas tends to have more random violence than we see in other areas yet there is also the issue of the property crimes we see in the rural areas as well.

Although the statistics for the calendar year 2016 for Canada property crime have yet to be released the stats for 2015 show some disturbing trends that should make all of us much more aware of the security risks we face no matter where we live, whether in an urban, big city like Toronto or the many vast and diverse rural areas found all over the country.

The 2015 stats show that police reported crime fully measured by both Crime Severity Index and the base crime rate rose for the 1st time since 2003.

The scariest part of the report for the average homeowner is the fact that the bulk of the rising statistics are related to issues of property crimes such as mentioned above like break and enters and robberies and even fraud which has grown dramatically over the past few years because of the advent and use of the technology that makes life easier but also allows our personal information to be spread in many more places than in the past.

There is also a very strong correlation between the rise of property crimes and the growth of drug addiction in both rural and urban areas.

The epidemic of opioid drug abuse that is currently cutting a swath through the entire continent of North America with Canada and the U.S being particular affected.

All of these statistics and information are out there for all to see, if only you take the time to look.

The flip side of that coin is that the technology that the security industry has answered this rising crime rate with is both intuitive and easy to use and designed to keep you and your family and your hard earned and valuable possessions as safe as can be.

The expert staff here at Pre-Lock Security Services is ready and able to answer any and all questions you may have about security that will give you the peace of mind to sleep well at night knowing that you have done all you possibly can to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure.

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What is the Definition of Wireless Security System?

Understanding a Wireless Security System

wireless security protectionThere is much confusion floating around about the definition of a wireless system when it comes to home alarms or security systems.

Many people believe, rightly so, that wireless means the way that the system communicates between the monitoring center and the actual alarm site, your home or business, itself and in many cases that is a fact.

There are still many alarm companies that use the old infrastructure of home phone lines or the internet to send and receive messages yet use wireless sensors in the home and then tout themselves as  offering a fully wireless security system.

That is not necessarily the case. If the systems they are trying to sell you does in fact run off the phone line or internet then you really are not using a fully wireless security system are you? An industrious thief with a $5 pair of wire- snippers can cripple the ability of your system to get a signal out to the monitoring center and thus reduce or eliminate altogether a timely police response.

These are the issues a concerned shopper will want to ask of their potential alarm companies.

What are the parameters of the system that they are offering?

Are the sensors all wireless? Meaning that the install process is much less invasive from the perspective of the home owner who certainly would prefer that the alarm company does not have to do any drilling or cutting of their drywall during the install process.

It also offers the home owner a much easier time if they should choose to move any of the sensors to a different location at any time during the contract (this should be done either BY the alarm company or at the very least with their guidance and approval first!) or if they decide to sell their house and move it makes it easier for the system to travel with them.

The final question with regard to these sensors is the means by which they communicate to the control panel itself. Do they connect via cellular signal meaning they are truly wireless of do they communicate via internet or phone line?

How is communication between the monitoring center and the residence or business done?

Is it done wirelessly via cellular signal or again, by internet or phone line?

These parameters need to be taken into consideration no matter who the security company is that you are considering.

There are distinct benefits of both type of systems and the hardware that they are comprised of but in the interest of knowing exactly what you are purchasing you need to ask the right questions when doing your due diligence.

Contact the pro’s here at Pre-Lock Security Services and we will gladly answer any questions you may have related to this or any other security issue you may face!



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Are Monitored Alarm Systems Superior?

security monitoringWith technology today that includes monitored alarm systems becoming ever more advanced as each day passes we are constantly inundated with newer and more advanced gadgets for everything from our automobiles to the connected washing machine to the fridge that does an inventory count as you consume products to yes, the security systems we use to protect our homes, personal belongings and the people we love.

The advancements in home security over the past few years has expanded to include a multitude of different devices that allow you to remotely allow access to your home when you are not there, to tracking which person in the family entered and when to the ability to fully monitor the comings and goings of people on your property. This includes advancements in monitored alarm systems.

All of these gadgets and apps, and some are actually pretty handy and make sense from a security standpoint, are simply designed to make us feel a stronger sense of security overall and to make life easier than it has been in the past.

While the convenience these things have brought us may be useful the overall majority of them do not leave you or your stuff much safer overall.

The biggest issue with a lot of these devices and apps is the fact that while YOU may get notification of someone entering your property immediately as it happens the people who need to made aware, namely Law Enforcement Personnel, are not….until you call them and tell them yourself!

Unless you subscribe to a Monitored Alarm Program through a reputable alarm and security company you are essentially on your own when it comes to a response when one of the apps or notification devices you have installed on your premise is triggered.

Not only does it take additional time to get in contact with the proper authorities you also then need to convince them that the alarm is genuine and that a response is warranted.

This can cost you much needed and exceptionally valuable time.

Most professional criminals know and understand fully that they only have a certain amount of time to complete the heinous act that they are perpetrating and govern themselves accordingly in most cases.

The delay that “self-monitored” alarm systems create can mean the difference between having the person apprehended at the scene and them getting away with your treasured personal items.

This certainly does not suggest that every time a professionally monitored alarm goes off the person is apprehended at the scene of the crime, that would be less than factual BUT, and it is a big but, the extra time that you get and the fact that law enforcement will respond immediately in most cases means that the odds are much more in your favour of either the Police catching the perp or that the person is scared away. This is especially true if the alarm has two way voice capabilities so that the monitoring center can actually inform the bad guy that the police are enroute.

In most cases this will cause the perp to make a hasty exit from the property and hopefully result in less things being taken overall.

Come into Pre-Lock Security Services today and we will happily answer any questions you may have with regard to any security issue you may face!

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Making Sure Your Smart Security Devices are Protected!

devices for securityIn recent years technology has leap frogged into the mainstream when it comes to security and convenience in our homes.

We now have locks and security systems that can wholly be accessed through mobile devices or from a computer at work giving us the ability to let people into our most secure areas by remote control from outside the home with a mere touch of a button.

We also enjoy the fruits of that technology in terms of convenience inside the home with the bulk of our appliances and control systems such as thermostats and furnaces and A/C units being wirelessly controlled from just about anywhere we have access to wireless internet services.

While these advancements have certainly made life easier from a convenience stand point they have also given rise to a whole new area of security concerns.

Any technology can be compromised. It really is as simple as that. We certainly witnessed this south of the border in the recent elections where certain “bad actors” as they have been collective called easily gained access to the Democratic National Committee’s private e-mail database and subsequently revealed information that may have had a direct impact on the course of the elections.

We highlight this event to show you just how easy it can be for a determined and educated person to gain entry into the personal or private systems that we now have emplaced in and around our homes.

The danger and fear is that by having so many points of potential entry into those systems with connected appliances and other wireless devices the security can be compromised unless you take steps to ensure that you make it as difficult as possible for anyone to gain access to them.

There ARE certain steps you can take to make sure that the technology you enjoy has not compromised your security in any way.

These include being absolutely sure to change the factory passwords on all connected devices the minute you get them up and running as many of the factory settings can be accessed online.

Another obvious tip is to be sure that you or family members never share your passwords with anyone outside of your circle.

It is also very smart to restrict access to your information by certain apps that are accessed on your mobile phone. Many “sharing apps” such as calendars and photo sharing and even e-mail need to be protected from anyone who may gain private or protected information after having access to the information on your phone.

Always be sure as well to install any security updates when they are made available by the manufacturer to ensure that your system is completely up to date at all times. Too often we ignore those notifications until it is too late.

It also prudent to be aware of the vendor you are using and the methods they employ for protecting any of your information that may be stored off site.

Ask the questions you want answered before you purchase.

Be sure to contact us here at Pre-Lock Security Services for any information regarding this topic or any other security concerns you may have. Our dedicated and informed staff will assist you with all your security concerns in a courteous and friendly environment.

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