Start Up Security Tips for New Toronto Businesses

New Toronto business securityStarting up your new business comes both with excitement and a certain amount of stress. No matter what the size of your business a lot of the decisions you have to make are very similar to most business but just on a different scale. You may only have a small building to protect whereas bigger businesses in your industry have much larger ones, but the security approach is going to have a lot of similarities.

If you are new to the business area it wouldn’t hurt to do some research to find out what the break in crime rate is like for your area. By checking with other businesses in the area you can determine what their difficulties have been and what if any extra security measures they took to overcome the problem.

You want to assess the exterior of your business and think like a break in artist. Where do you see vulnerable areas. This can be difficult to do as you are an honest person and going against your nature. Remember that you don’t want to create any outside atmosphere that is going to provide coverage from view for a thief while he is attempting to break in through a door or window. Fences are a great form of protection, but not if they are going to shield a criminal once he gets over it. See through fences, that are subjected to goo exterior lighting and further coverage of a surveillance camera may be all that you need.

Your next obvious concern will be your doors and windows and there are lots of security features that can be added to scale up your protection. You can have your alarm alerts that will sound if entry is being attempted. If the doors are flimsy and easily broken into then a potential thief could be in and out of your establishment before the authorities can respond.

Ideally when thinking about your security try to create as many levels of defence as you can.

  • Make it difficult for anyone to get to your doors and windows unseen
  • Make the task of getting through the doors and windows a labor and time consuming effort
  • Inside have the proper cameras to catch the would be thieves in the act
  • If you have high ticket items like jewelry or electronics have these in the proper security storage cabinets

Just with these four steps you have created four levels of security and have made even an experienced thief’s job much, much more difficult.

Add to this the use of experienced security professionals like those at Pre-lock and you can rest assured that you have taken strong measuresĀ  to protect your business.

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