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amsec storage cabinetsThere are different reasons why people start considering the purchase of a safe. For many average home owners it is some place to keep their important documents secure. Plus, they may have some jewellery whose monetary value is not huge, but it has a lot of sentimental value. The only problem is they don’t know which type of safe to buy, and how to keep it organized without just piling a bunch of stuff into it. This is where the Amsec Storage Cabinets come into play.

You can purchase one of the following model safes, then for a little more of an investment you can purchase one of the two storage cabinets that will insert nicely into the safe.

The Amsec cabinets are perfect for…

GUN SAFES: RF6528, HS7943, HS6743, BF7250*, BF7240, BF6636, BF6030, SF6036 and SF6030
CE AND CF MODELS: 2518* / 3524* / 5524* / 6528* / 7236*

The Amsec StorIt cabinets are going to allow you to put your safe to it’s full use. Both versions are made with the best of quality solid maple wood fronts and well protected with a beautiful maple stain. The best part is the interior compartments of these cabinets. They have a variety of inserts for your jewelery selection. Each of these can easily be lifted out so you can go through them. Some of the drawers are lined with a beautiful dark red felt that allows for the protection of your jewelery against hard surfaces.

The 2 drawer version is great for storing both your small valuable and your important papers. The top drawer has 3 compartments for your rings and 7 for your other jewelry. If you don’t want to use the bottom drawer as a file drawer you can store your bulkier items of importance here.

The 4 drawer option gives you more jewelery organizers which is great if you have a fair amount of jewelry that your entire family wants to keep safe.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the Amsec Storit cabinets are meant to keep your valuables organized while being stored safely. You will still need to determine what kind of protection it is that you want to afford these valuables, which includes your important papers. Some safes are only offering protection against fire, and not burglary, or vice-versa. Of course the best choice is a quality safe that will do both.

You will be far more likely to use your safe on a regular basis if it is well organized and you can find what you are looking for quickly. If it is disorganized and takes forever to find a piece of jewelery that you want to wear, you will tend not to use this item as often. That just may be the very time that a mishap takes place and your jewelry gets stolen or damaged.

Storing your jewelery in the proper way also protects these fine items from personal damage such as scratching or damaging the jewels that they are made of.


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