Toronto Security in an Ice Storm

security in an icestormAs we draw close to Christmas many of us enjoy seeing the snow making it a white Christmas, but what we don’t want to contend with is a ice Christmas! Nobody can control the weather and when a nasty ice storm hits whether it is around the Christmas season or not it means having to be more security and safety conscious.

More often than not the build up of ice during this time causes power outage. So how does this affect your security system? It all depends on the type of system you have and how up to date it is. Many systems have battery backup. Living in Toronto we have become somewhat spoiled with our few interruptions of power outage thanks to our excellent power system. As a result we tend to neglect to insure that our battery backup systems for our security is in good working condition. All of a sudden we experience a power failure and then realize that we have neglected to see that we have a good operating battery on hand for the security.

Having a spare battery on hand is a good option. Nowadays a lot of people are also looking at having a small generator to assist them when there are power interruptions. These have become really affordable and do come in handy during a power crisis.

It is important to remember that bad weather doesn’t deter some criminals. Thieves will put up with working in bad weather conditions because it can work to their advantage. During an ice storm if your business alarm goes off it can be most difficult trying to respond to it. The Police are usually inundated with all kinds of personal injury calls and that combined with the rough weather can dramatically slow down their response time to a business alarm that has been triggered. Thieves count on this and figure that they have more time to commit their nasty acts.

For seniors it is a particularly perplexing time for them. If they are living on their own they feel isolated. It is at times like this that having one of the personal medical alert systems can afford them extra security.

During bad weather don’t just assume that crooks are going to refrain from their way of living. Make sure that you are extra cautious about keeping your doors locked and use the same security caution that you do at any other time. Don’t let your guard down because of the weather.

Remember if you don’t feel that you have all the right security measures in place, then be sure to give the Toronto locksmiths at Pre-lock a call who are the security experts that can make you feel safe.

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