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Security Tips for Your Toronto Visitors

Throughout the Holiday season many families enjoy entertaining visitors from out of town. These friends and families often make plans to stay throughout the week of Christmas day to New Years day. This can create a bit of disruption in … Continue reading

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Toronto Security in an Ice Storm

As we draw close to Christmas many of us enjoy seeing the snow making it a white Christmas, but what we don’t want to contend with is a ice Christmas! Nobody can control the weather and when a nasty ice … Continue reading

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Does Your Toronto Alarm System Scare You?

Perhaps you have just moved into a new home, and while you are thankful that it has an alarm system, you don’t have a clue of how to work it, or maybe you feel that its so outdated that it … Continue reading

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Why Choose Rogers Home Security?

You may be looking at the most modernized form of security system for your home and figure that if you are going to be utilizing the services of a renowned Brand name Corporation like Rogers, that they are providing the … Continue reading

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