Toronto Thieves Like Stealing Pets Too

home pets security protectionWith all the assets that we have to consider protecting as well as the protection of our family, we sometimes forget that when living in Toronto that the thieves in this area also at times like to steal our pets too.

Many people invest a lot of money in the purchases of their pets. It is not uncommon for prices to exceed a thousand dollars for a purebred dog or cat. However, even those avid pet enthusiasts that didn’t pay a penny for their beloved pets love them just as much as the high priced ones.

Also, dog and cat thieves don’t necessarily just target the rare or expensive breeds of animals. They will not hesitate to steal a cute looking pet that they figure they can easily off load and get a few bucks for.

If you think that dog napping is not something that happens then you will find this latest news bulletin by the Toronto Police to change your mind. You can just imagine how devastated the owners of this stolen dog must feel.

While we like to think about the comfort our Toronto home security systems offer us for our family and assets we would like to think this includes our family pets as well.  In fact, these systems really do because they can alert you immediately if someone is trying to break into your home, even if you are not there, but your pet is.

You also want to be diligent and keep an eye on your pets when you are letting them out in the yard. There are some thieves that specialize in the stealing of rare or expensive dog and cat breeds. Although as mentioned if you happen to have a cute and friendly dog or cat then they could be just as vulnerable to be stolen as their more expensive counterparts.

Having up to date photos of your pets is another good step as well. These help to identify your pet if they do get stolen or even if they happen to get lost.

If yo don’t happen to have a good security system in place and you want to protect your stay at home pets when you are not there then be sure to call the security professionals at Pre-lock. They can certainly assist you with advice concerning the best security for your home.

It is sad to think that years back we considered our dogs as part of our security measures, but now we have to think about protecting them. However, these favorite family pets do in many cases act as a deterrent to thieves who are not brazen enough to determine if they are going to be dealing with a friendly pooch or not.

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