Using Window Bars for Decor and Security

wndow bar securityMost everyone wants their home looking attractive, but at the same time they want it to be secure. Yet, they don’t want it looking like a fortress. The same can be said about their business.

A lot of people really don’t like the thought of having window bars installed because they feel that they are unattractive and they feel like they are living in a jail. This type of thinking could certainly be valid years back when the bars were thick and ugly and it was almost impossible to see through them. Now with the modern technology that is utilized in constructing these window protective units a lot of people enjoy using them just for the looks aside from the security.

There are lots of different types to choose from, and you can mix and match them according to the decor and needs of your residence or business. The most common type is the standard window bars. These are the ones that are often chosen for the basement windows. Most often the location of these windows on the home make them a vulnerable area in respect to security. Many home owners want basement windows that are large enough to let good light into the basement, but this also means that they have become large enough for break in artists to utilize to gain entry to the home. By putting on the standard window bars they prevent this, but at the same time do not obstruct the light from coming in. Plus, even these standard types are quite attractive and can blend in nicely with the rest of the window decor.

One of the most favored styles of windows that people often choose is the french style. These are those windows that you see with the small panes in them. Now you can choose window bars that will give this same impressive look but at the same time give you a high level of protection. A good example of these is the Uniguard.

Once you have seen the selection of window bars that are available at Pre-lock your only remaining concern may be is how you would be able to escape your home via a window if need be. Many of these security devices come with a quick removal device so this would not be an issue which is usually the main concern for the basement windows.

When planning for your home or business security it is important to know about all the security products that are available to you, and the experts at Pre-lock can help you with this.

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