Protecting Yourself Against Distraction Theft

Distraction theftIt really seems like the saying that “you just can’t trust anybody anymore” is certainly true when it comes to individuals who come across as being kind caring individuals, all the while they are robbing you.

While anyone can be a victim of these unscrupulous individuals it could be that seniors are somewhat more vulnerable. In a recent news article there is strong indication of this…

“GTA seniors targeted in recent raft of distraction thefts

A Scarborough senior was the victim of an apparent distraction theft, in which a woman strolled up to her and managed to take rings off her finger and other jewelry from her wrist and neck.

Grace Thornton, 86, says she was outside when she was approached by a smiling woman, who appeared to want to wish her a Merry Christmas.

Thornton said the woman rubbed her arm and put a cheap necklace around her neck.

“With all this holding the hands and chattering all the time, I was very distracted and I wasn’t thinking somebody was going to rob you,” Thornton said.

“I thought she was just a nice lady.”

But she soon would learn the woman had taken off with a bracelet, her wedding ring, a dress ring and a gold necklace that her late husband gave to her, just before he died.

Police say it was a so-called distraction theft”…. continue reading

Here is a senior who had no reason to be wary of this individual yet as a result of her trustworthy attitude she lost some very precious jewelery.

This is just one example of the type approach that was used for the distraction theft, but there are plenty of other methods that these thieves will use. Also, it is not just seniors that these crooks are targeting either. We used to be more aware of them as pick pockets. The old standard method for this tactic was they would bump into you and have their hand in your pocket before you even realized it. A classic example of distraction, but now we are facing more modern and innovative ways. These class of thieves have nothing better to do but devise innovative ways of ripping people off.

They may approach you with a map, and while you are looking at it their hands are busy in your purse. Or you may be at the bank machine and they approach you with a question just as you are entering your pin number.

This is just one more circumstance where you have to be vigilant about your security. Make sure you have taken all the necessary precautions for your home security, and keep yourself informed through here and the news media to see what the crooks of Toronto are up to.

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