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DSC Bravo 3 Motion Detector

DSC Bravo 3 Passive Motion Detector 

DSC Bravo 3 Motion Detector

Motion detectors can be used in many different ways to help make your home more secure.   It’s not enough security to just protect 2 or 3 doors or windows with contact sensors. Pre-Lock Security recomends that Homeowners should consider a couple, if not several, motion detectors (depending on the size of your property) to ensure that your home is fully protected inside and out.  We recommend on installing them in stratigic spots in the home to provide trap protection whereby all intruders would be detected in the event of an intrusion to your home.

Some motion detectors are very basic and not very expensive, while others are more advanced and demand more dollars.  Among some types of motion detectors are pet immune infrared,  dual technology detection and wall and ceiling mounting.  Motion detectors today are also available in outdoor configuration for exterior protection before the intruder penatrates the interior of the home.

Most motion detectors are low voltage devices that operate on the panel power supply system.  Hardwire motion detectors do require 4 condutor wiring for proper operation and installation of the device. 

For the most part, motion detectors work to cover various interior trap zones throughout your house and will trigger the alarm when it detects movement in those areas that are defined by the installation department at Pre-Lock.  We have also configured advanced motion detectors to provide in addition to home security, internal control of lights and HVAC control that trigers devices according to the needs of the customer.   Bundling motion detectors with camera systems can save you memory storage, while motion detectors will cause the camera to record when detection activated by the detector.

Many up-to-date security systems rely on motion detectors to activate cameras.  Because you are only recording when there is motion detected, this saves storage space on your VCR tape, DVR, or computer hard drive. Second, a homeowner can use motion detector lights. Again, the light only comes on when motion is detected, therefore saving you money on your monthly electricity bill.

  • The Bravo 300 motion detectors feature patented Multi-Level Signal Processing (MLSP) for accurate detection of human IR energy over a broad range of temperatures.

  • Exceptional catch performance at elevated temperatures
  • Sensitivity adjustment to configure the detector for normal or hostile environments
  • High-level static and transient protection

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