How to Use FakeTV

PLACEMENT: Place the FakeTV unit on a table or other suitable horizontal surface, using the illustrations as a guide. Plug the AC adaptor into the FakeTV unit, and into an outlet.

INTERNAL LIGHT SENSOR: Most convenient is to use the light sensor built into FakeTV. If it gets dark early (say, around five pm), place the switch on the FakeTV unit in the DUSK + 7 HRS position If it gets dark later (say, around nine) use the DUSK + 4 HRS position. One or two LED’s will turn on, depending on switch setting. FakeTV will not turn on until it is really, really dark (0.5 lux), because it is only effective when it is dark outside. If a light on a timer, or some other light source illuminates the room with the FakeTV unit, then FakeTV will not turn on.

EXTERNAL TIMERS: If for any reason you wish to have the FakeTV on at some times other than those provided by the light sensor, you may turn the FakeTV unit on, and plug the ac adapter in the timer. Alternatively, you may give the appearance of a television left on all the time by simply leaving the switch on FakeTV in the on position and plugging the adaptor in an unswitched outlet.

CHECK IT OUT. Take a look outside when it is dark, and FakeTV is on. Make sure you can see the light from FakeTV, but not the FakeTV unit itself. It’s a good idea to try out FakeTV a couple of days while the house is still occupied, so you know that it is coming on at the times you want.

The diffuser lens built into FakeTV prevents the light output from ever being dangerous– it is less concentrated than, say, an LED flashlight. But avoid staring at FakeTV directly. It is not healthy to stare at any bright light source.

Thanks for using a FakeTV. You need not restrict its use to vacations. You can simply leave FakeTV set up, discouraging would-be burglars every time you are out for the evening. Despite the very bright output, and thanks to the recent advancements in LED technology, FakeTV draws less power than a night light.


Frequently Asked Support Questions

My FakeTV won't turn on with the light sensor and internal timer.   

This is by far our most common support question.
FakeTV will not turn on until it has been almost pitch-black in the room for about ten seconds.  This is because FakeTV is not effective until it is dark outside, making it almost pitch black in the room with the FakeTV.  If you try to test the FakeTV timer during the day by shutting the blinds, FakeTV will likely not turn on.  You can use a dark, windowless room such as a closet to test FakeTV, or simply wait until nightfall.

The FakeTV light sensor and timer works almost perfectly in practice; the only issue is testing.  Like every other feature of FakeTV, it is tested before it leaves the factory.  Several people have sent their units back, insisting it really, really was dark in the room when they tested it.  We try to be good sports about that sort of thing.  Every one of the returns turns on when the room gets truly dark.

My FakeTV does not turn off when I have it set to Dusk +4 or Dusk +7.

Your FakeTV is almost certainly working just fine, and is likely off in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.  But your FakeTV is on in the morning, so what is happening?

FakeTV turns on and starts the timer cycle as soon as it gets dark. If it gets light and then dark again (you enter the room and turn on the lights), the timer cycle starts over.  Once it gets dark enough in the evening to turn on FakeTV, it usually only gets darker, and FakeTV stays on and completes the cycle.  But, it is very common for FakeTV to come on in the early morning.  Light levels fluctuate in the morning as it is just getting light.  At sunrise, it will often become light enough and then dark enough to trigger the FakeTV timer cycle.  It will then look like someone must be watching television in the morning, as many people do.

We find that the light sensing thresholds give really good results in practice.  We use FakeTV's ourselves, of course!  If you want the FakeTV to come on at times other than those provided by the light sensor, please turn FakeTV to "ON" and plug it into an appropriate timer.

How long will FakeTV last? What kind of bulbs does it have? Can they easily be changed?

The FakeTV uses LED's that will last for a long time. If you turn your FakeTV on every night, the LED's will last for 20 years, much longer if used less frequently. The LED's in the FakeTV cannot be changed.

Can I leave my FakeTV in the ON position all the time?

Yes.  FakeTV is designed for continuous duty.  The super-bright, very efficient LEDs in the FakeTV will last for many years.  FakeTV does not run hot and it poses no fire hazard.

What if I want my FakeTV on at different times?

You can easily plug the FakeTV into an lamp timer, set it accordingly and put the FakeTV switch to the ON position. 

I travel in my RV a lot and want to make it look like it is occupied when I'm away from it. Can I power FakeTV from the 12V battery?

You may power FakeTV from a vehicle 12V source, such as your RV or boat, or other suitable source. 

You will need a female power plug that is:

  • OD = 5.5 mm / ID = 2.1 mm (This is the most common power-supply style there is, so the odds of finding it are good.)
  • Right angle is preferred
  • Center positive
  • You can get such a plug from www.jameco.com, part number 138587. Note that this is just the plug-- not a cigarette lighter adapter. You will need to wire to it.

FakeTV draws an average current of about 150 mA when the LEDs are running, and next to nothing when they are not

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